A Prankster Put Trump's Name On Russian Flags At CPAC

So-Called Patriots Cluelessly Wave Russian ‘Trump’ Flags At CPAC – Until Security Threatens Them

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is more than just an annual gathering for Republicans across the country. It is almost like a vetting process for anyone interested in running as a member of the GOP. If you do anything that is even remotely bipartisan or against Republican “values” you will find yourself ostracized, as Governor Chris Christie experienced in 2013.

Because of this, Trump was only able to run as a Republican candidate through their approval. As such, the organizers of the event have been large supporters of him.

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The problem with Trump’s fans, however, is their obliviousness to his flaws, namely the fact that he has glaring connections to the Russian Government, which may have breached national security, thereby making him a traitor.

Progressive activists, who have been doing amazing grassroots work since Trump’s election, recently devised a sneaky way to capitalize on the two events. While Trump was speaking at CPAC this year, Russian flags with Trump’s name were handed to his supporters who began to proudly wave them as they would an American flag. As a result, CPAC officials quickly moved to establish damage control over the situation.

Whether or not the fans were were conscious of the symbol they were wielding is irrelevant, as the fact that they are unaware of the standard bearer of one of the greatest threats to global peace speaks volumes about their level of ignorance towards world affairs that will literally effect them.

Image by John Fischetti, Twitter.

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