After Pence Lawyers Up, Trump Enters Full Melt Down Mode (TWEETS)

After Pence Lawyers Up, Trump Enters Full Melt Down Mode (TWEETS)

A Tale Of Two Responses

As the investigation into the Trump administration grows both broader and deeper, Vice President Mike Pence has lawyered up, even as his boss, President Donald Trump, descends further into panicked anger and hysteria, choosing to spend his time airing paranoid grievances via Twitter.

This is not the way a man in full control of his faculties reacts. And, many people say, it’s not the way an innocent man acts, either.

The news broke on Thursday that VP Pence had made the decision to retain a criminal defense lawyer, making him “one of the most prominent figures in the Trump administration to have taken on personal white-collar criminal defense counsel,” the New York Times reported.

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Pence wasn’t messing around in his choice, either – he retained Richard Cullen, a former United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Cullen has worked some major Washington investigations. He acted as special counsel for Senator Paul S. Trible Jr. during the Iran-contra scandal. Earlier, he was a staff member for Rep. M. Caldwell Butler, who cast one of the deciding votes on the House Judiciary Committee to impeach President Richard Nixon.

Mike Pence’s decision to hire a lawyer was confirmed by his communications director Jarrod Agen, who released the following statement:

“The vice president is focused entirely on his duties and promoting the president’s agenda and looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter.”

Yet, as Mike Pence calmly takes steps that are prudent, considering the size and scope of the investigation, Donald Trump is throwing a very public temper tantrum, via his favorite medium – Twitter.

Trump Confirms He Is Under Investigation During Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump unleashed a slew of grievances early Friday morning. And, in the midst of that, the President confirmed that he is, in fact, under investigation by the FBI.

So there goes that particular – and favorite – talking point of the Trump administration.

He began with a tweet that sounds like a parody of himself.

Of course, he is reportedly being investigated for obstruction of justice, as it relates to his interactions with (and subsequent firing of) James Comey. But Donald Trump can’t stop talking about Russia itself, and his possible collusion with that foreign, hostile entity.

This, too, is “sad!” as Trump himself would say. After all, we know that many of those “followers” are fake. And the fact that the President of the United States is pointing to his social media account to bolster his sense of security and popularity…well, that’s “sad!” too.

Donald Trump is practically flying around on a broom, cackling away, and then screams about a “witch hunt.”

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Oh, and as far as those job numbers go? Thanks, Obama.

And boom. There you have it. The President of the United States just confirmed that he is, in fact, under investigation. And we all know how Donald Trump feels about presidents being under investigation, right? If not, let this video refresh your memory.

Is it time to start chanting “Lock him up” yet?

David Becker/Getty Images

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