Obama Breaks Silence,Urges Voters to Resist Roy Moore

Obama Breaks Silence, Urges Voters to Resist Roy Moore – ‘This One’s Serious’

Obama is helping Doug Jones lead the fight against Roy Moore

The Alabama Special Election will be taking place tomorrow, meaning the culmination of a lot of things will come to a head when the results are revealed. There is first the question of whether or not the credible molestation allegations against minors will matter for Republican candidate Roy Moore, whether voters will believe a man who is openly racist and homophobic will be a good representative of them, and, most importantly, whether Donald Trump’s endorsement matters: an aspect that has been called into question considering his past endorsements for Ed Gillespie and Luther Strange failed to generate enough support.

Trump’s endorsement was indirect and slow at first, but, in the waning days before the election, became outright demanding, culminating in him releasing a robocall on Sunday. With some polls still against him, Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate, has been working nonstop to get as much support as possible for his own campaign. While he has gotten endorsements from significant figures including Senator Cory Booker, former Governor Deval Patrick, and host Jimmy Kimmel, Jones’ biggest supporter has come in the form of previous President Barack Obama.

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Obama, despite the efforts of Trump and the right-wing media, continues to remain a popular figure in America, and is using that reputation to get as much turnout for Jones as possible, particularly among African American voters. Similar to Trump, Obama used a robocall with a simple message:

“This one’s serious. You can’t sit it out. Doug Jones is a fighter for equality, for progress. Doug will be our champion for justice. So get out and vote, Alabama.”

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Obama’s words are more than just partisan rhetoric, as Jones did in fact gain civil rights credibility when he lead the prosecution against the terrorists behind the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, a horrific tragedy that resulted in the deaths of four innocent African American girls and helped kick off the Civil Rights Movement.

During his final year as President, Obama promised he would actively work to fight voter disenfranchisement when out of office, a facet that has plagued many red states eager to gerrymander districts where minority populations are prevalent, including Alabama. With his creation of redistricting group fundraiser, we can hope that focusing on increasing turnout in elections like this is will be key to making the country blue again.

Image a composite of photos by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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