NY Spanks Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen with $282k Delinquent Tax Bill

NY Spanks Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen with $282k Delinquent Tax Bill

Trump lawyer Michael “Plead the Fifth” Cohen is deep in the muck once again. According to Bloomberg News, Cohen was riddled with state warrants in April for $185,000 in unpaid taxes related to his ownership of a number of NYC taxi cabs, raising his total unpaid taxes tied to numerous taxi firms in New York and Chicago to $282,000.

Recently raided in connection to the Stormy Daniels lawsuit, Trump’s personal lawyer amassed his wealth via taxi medallions in the two major cities before diving headfirst into President Swamp Thing’s star-spangled bog via the Trump Organization. During that same raid, FBI agents scoured Cohen’s office seeking information related to those medallions, indicating some merit to the Washington Post’s report that Cohen is also under investigation for bank and tax fraud.

Lawyers for Trump’s lawyer took a page from Cohen’s playbook and refused comment. Bloomberg writes, however, that Cohen claims the taxis are not his but owned instead by New York cab godfather Evgeny “Gene” Friedman. The Cohen family is known to have ties to numerous taxi company owners, such as Semyon “Sam” Shtayner, whom Cohen and his father-in-law loaned $26 million to help transition from taxis to the latest cash crop, legal marijuana. Meanwhile, according to the ACLU, “Over 7 million people were busted for having pot from 2001 to 2010.”

Furthermore, “cops made one pot bust every 37 seconds” in 2010. Despite the number of African American and white people using pot being roughly the same, the ACLU also reports “Blacks have been nearly four times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession.”

No matter, though. Cohen has the cash to hush adult film stars for Trump and front CEOs $26 million so they can cash in on marijuana legalization where thousands upon thousands of average Americans’ lives have been devastated but he can’t (golly shucks) scrape up the jack to pay taxes on 30 taxi medallions in NYC and 22 in Chicago. It’s tough being crooked, rich, and so “poor” that you pawn off your unpaid taxes on someone else. If only someone would start up a GoFundMe for the poor fella. If only he had connections to money and power.


Featured image by IowaPolitics via Flickr

Dylan Hock is a writer, educator, and activist. He serves as a volunteer board member of The James Jackson Museum of African American History.

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