NRA Admits Taking 'Foreign' Blood Money - Makes Absurd Claim

NRA Admits Taking ‘Foreign’ Blood Money – Makes Absurd Claim

The NRA has finally confessed

Back in mid-January 2018, the news agency McClatchyDC published a report revealing an ongoing FBI investigation into whether or not the National Rifle Association was receiving money from a Russian businessman and mafia member named Aleksandr Torshin. Torshin is not only a part of the Bratva, but also the deputy head of the Central Bank of Russia.

If the ties were proven to be successful, and the NRA was found to be using that money in their U.S. lobbying efforts, the leaders could be charged with violating federal election laws.

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Well, in March 2018 NPR revealed that Torshin had admitted to donating money to the NRA and doing it for the primary purposes of getting closer to Donald Trump. He had also been attending every NRA convention between 2012-2016, where he not only met the Presidents of the organization, but also apparently hoped to meet the prospective presidential candidate in that final year.

In the weeks since, NPR has continued to dig into the matter alongside the FBI, and they have now come up with the biggest scoop yet: the NRA admitting that they took foreign money.

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Responding to an inquiry from Senator Ron Wyden about whether the lobbyists have “received any contributions from individuals or entities acting as conduits for foreign entities or interests,” the NRA’s General Counsel John C. Frazer said the following:

“While we do receive some contributions from foreign individuals and entities, those contributions are made directly to the NRA for lawful purposes.”

“However, none of those entities or individuals is connected with Russia, and none of their contributions were made in connection with U.S. elections.”

Considering that they are classified as a nonprofit organization, and one that involves itself heavily in partisan politics – to the point they’re considered one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country – it’s interesting to see Frazer attempt to categorize this secondary source of income as being for legal, non-electoral purposes. Regardless, Frazer refuses to concede that this money is from the Russian Federation, despite Torshin openly admitting weeks earlier that he was donating to and meeting with the NRA and their heads.

Unless these gun nuts know exactly how every dollar was allocated and spent, they may end up in significant trouble with both the FBI and the FEC, the latter of which has started its own probe into the matter.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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