Stormy Daniels is 'Not Alone' - Michael Avenatti Drops Another Tawdry Bombshell on Trump

Stormy Daniels is ‘Not Alone’ – Michael Avenatti Drops Another Tawdry Bombshell on Trump

Avenatti has Trump and co. running scared

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti has dropped another bombshell for the media regarding Trump’s deviancy: two other women, like Daniels, were paid hush money to keep quiet about adulterous activity with the President.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Avenatti revealed that the evidence backing these claims was going to be disclosed in the near future:

“They’re not fully vetted, but there are at least two I think are on solid ground. I think that as the evidence rolls out over the coming months disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as relates to these payments.”

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By now, the American public is more than familiar with the story of Stormy Daniels. What started off as an alleged extramarital affair between Trump and adult film star Stephanie Clifford has grown into a national scandal touching on timely topics like blackmail and campaign finance violations.

The narrative goes that, in 2006, Trump supposedly entered into a brief relationship with Clifford. To hide this information from the media, he had Clifford sign a nondisclosure agreement: in return for her getting paid $130,000, she would not say a word of this to anyone.

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This might have been successful were it not for a few blunders. For one, Trump had his lawyer, Michael Cohen, personally pay the money out of his own pocket, a fact that has been confirmed by presidential advisor Rudy Giuliani. Second, Trump allegedly had someone threaten Clifford in front of her infant daughter to get her to sign the agreement. And third, Trump apparently did not sign the NDA himself, making it invalid.

Avenatti has been leading a fiery fight for justice, going on multiple programs to show the President he is not afraid of him.

Watch the interview below:

 Image a screen capture from user Travis Gettys YouTube channel

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