Neo-Nazi Group Endorses Moore on the Eve of Election for Quoting Hitler

BREAKING: Neo-Nazi Group Endorses Roy Moore on the Eve of Crucial Election for Quoting Hitler

Neo-Nazis have officially given their support for Roy Moore

So, this is where this country is at. It’s beyond scary to think about the importance of Tuesdays’s event. The Alabama special election to fill in Jeff Sessions’s vacant Senate seat will not only impact Alabama politics for the next four years, but also US politics, bigly. Democrats in the Senate are already having a hard enough time blocking the GOP’s horrific agenda, often relying on swing votes from a few uncertain Republicans in order to successfully hold off key bills. With another Republican senator the GOP will be unstoppable, whereas with another Democrat, there is a greater chance at anti-Trump success.

That’s why a lot of top conservatives like Trump are using their power to get people out for Republican candidate Roy Moore, despite the un-Godly amount of disturbing allegations thrown his way regarding targeting and/or molesting underage girls. Though there are some Republicans having sane moments like Mitch McConnell and Richard Shelby, the majority of the rest are openly giving their endorsements.

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It should come as no surprise, then, that there is another colorful character on board the “Moore Train.” He’s a leading neo-Nazi and white supremacist named Robert Warren Ray. Ray writes for The Daily Stormer, a horrifying neo-Nazi site that has done nothing but promote hate and fear against minorities as a leading voice of the white supremacist movement. Though it was kicked off mainstream domain registrars for its harassing of a victim of the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, it continues to maintain a strong presence on the dark web.

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Ray’s endorsement of Moore shockingly does not come from the Alabama candidate’s disgusting views on homosexuality, or racist comments towards the African American community — but instead out of his proper quoting of Nazism founder Adolf Hitler. During an appearance on a local paranoid right-wing radio show in 2011, Moore cited Hitler’s famous passage in Mein Kampf wherein the dictator claims that telling a lie repeatedly will result in it being accepted as the truth by one’s followers: something that has been proven true in recent times by the presence of Fox News and its promotion of conspiracy theories regarding the Clintons and George Soros:

“You know Hitler once said, ‘you tell a big enough lie long enough, people to believe it.’ And that’s that’s the problem. We’ve got to look at simple facts of the case, and we need to recognize we need a new administration in Washington.”

As Ray points out, Moore was ironically correct in his assessment, thereby giving him credibility among neo-Nazis for accurately representing their Führer. We are not even surprised at this point: Moore is a danger to the American public, and we desperately need every rational or empathetic citizen in the state of Alabama to get out and vote for Doug Jones in the election tomorrow. The fate of the country could rest on it. This is not a game.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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