The Nefarious Reason Trump Wants To 'Murica Up Air Force One

The Nefarious Reason Trump Wants To ‘Murica Up Air Force One

OPINION: Trump’s Plans For Air force One Are Yet Another Attack on America’s Legacy

It seems as if Trump is intent on destroying every single part of the United States – down to our most venerated symbols. The latest victim of Trump’s poor taste is Air Force One. The upgraded 747 is an extremely sophisticated piece of technology wrapped in a distinguished eggshell blue. Jackie Kennedy and John Kennedy were actually responsible for the classic design.

No other president has considered changing the color of the plane, but as usual Trump is breaking tradition.

And what would our Cheeto in Chief want his plane to look like?

For starters a source says he wants “red white and blue”. And if you’ve looked at the interior of Trump tower, probably a lot of gold tone. Like, seriously gaudy levels of ostentatious gold on gold.

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Then, Trump wants to actually change the model of the plane to the bigger 757. The reason? He wants a plane that is closer to “the executive livery package on his personal plane….[rather] than the current, couch-like sleeping configuration aboard Air Force One.” Hmm maybe those “bone spurs” that seemed to disappear right after they got him out of serving in the Vietnam War are back and acting up, and he needs some room to stretch out. Or maybe he’s just spoiled.

But really, this is about Trump cementing his legacy and leaving black marks wherever he can in America before we kick him out in 2020. Trump is all about branding, and he’s starting to realize after he leaves office that’s about the only thing he’ll have. If he can redesign the plane, it might give him a shred of credibility as reporters will mention the new color scheme for years.

Instead of associating Air Force One with landmark historical events, like JFK landing in West Germany, or Nixon going to China, Trump would rather rebrand the plane to fit his more nationalistic tendencies.

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And as we’ve all seen, there will be supporters to talk about how great it is for decades. Because ‘Murica, MAGA, and so on…

However, Trump may not have a chance to deface what has become almost a mobile national landmark. The newly configured 747s won’t be available until after the 2020 elections.

Featured image via Twitter.

I lean left but look straight at the facts.

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