Midterm Madness: Democrats Need to Get Aggressive to Stop Trumpism Before it's Too Late

Midterm Madness: Democrats Need to Get Aggressive to Stop Trumpism Before it’s Too Late

The nation is in dire need of a purge during the midterm elections 2018. A purge of the populist right-wing politicians who are tearing into the social fabric of our nation, polluting government and common decency. Right now, the Virginia primary 2018 midterms might be ground zero for it.

Last Saturday, two Democratic challengers, Abigail Spanberger and Dan Ward, made their case to about 100 people at a candidates’ forum, which was held in the Culpeper library, challengers who are about to take on the worst of the worst, Dave Brat.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Virginia) is hands down, one of the vilest Trumpublicans in Congress. An extremist right-wing, tea party conservative. A member of the toxic Freedom Caucus who is not ashamed to throw their weight behind the President and create havoc in Congress. And one who is running for a third term in the US House of Representatives.

Currently, the midterm elections 2018 mean more now than other elections in recent memory, as Democrats look to take back the House and Senate, campaigning on a referendum against Trump. But Spanberger and Ward seem to be campaigning as if we were still living in a pre-Trump era before the nightmare began.

The horror that is Dave Brat

Unless you’ve been paying attention, Dave Brat is the perfect example of what we would end up with at the White House, years before Donald Trump seriously considered it. Many will recall a certain Rep who lost his seat in 2014 named Eric Cantor, a Wall Street Republican who was already pretty terrible.

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Dave Brat was the dark horse candidate who, much like Trump, unexpectedly toppled a more powerful politician. At the time, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller were a couple of nobodies who were involved with the Brat campaign, securing their first win over immigration reform.

Now in hindsight, we have people like Laura Ingraham with Fox News, Jeff Sessions, and even Kellyanne Conway, people who are now doing the devil’s work in the White House. All members and/or supporters of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) who were connected to Brat’s campaign.

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We’re now seeing that kind of immigration policy reform in action with the Trump administration killing DACA, ending Temporary Protected Status and enforcing the power of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests.

If that’s not enough, Dave Brat’s blaming of ‘both sides with the clashing of Neo-Nazis and those who stood against them in Charlottesville, VA last August — a view instigated by President Trump — should also disqualify him for re-election.

The Weakness of midterm elections 2018 Democratic challengers

Democrats are pinning their hopes on a wave of angry voters, both high base turn-out, and swing voters disgusted by Trump, voting blue in the mid-terms. But there’s no balance of aggression between the parties, as Republicans can be as extreme as they want and still win elections, while Democrats feel they have to represent some normalcy in contrast.

Democrats could be right in this approach, to not lose their composure and hit a new low alongside Republicans. But clean-cut centrist bureaucrats seem like a thing of the past now, in the Trump era where Trump-style challengers aren’t ashamed of sending death threats to Democrat candidates.

Here are the campaign ads from Dave Brat’s challengers.

Sure, people like Roy Moore in Alabama and Don Blankenship of Kentucky lost to Democratic challengers who decided to take a centrist and more even-handed approach to the issues. But it seems that with all the toxic politicking going on in these races, that taking a more well-rounded approach to their campaigns is too much of a risk. Especially when plenty of Americans have grown exhausted of the repulsive offenses that come out of Washington daily and around the clock, motivating them towards the midterm elections 2018.

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