Terror Expert Malcolm Nance Issues Chilling Warning to Anyone Involved in Russia Scandal

Terror Expert Malcolm Nance Issues Chilling Warning to Anyone Involved in Russia Scandal

Malcolm Nance Issues Heavy Warning

Terror expert and retired US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance had some choice words for anyone who may be involved in the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia – as well as those Republicans who are enabling them.

During an interview with Nichole Wallace on MSNBC’s Deadline, Malcolm Nance nearly laughed off the possibility that Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey will somehow stop the investigation into the Trump-Russia connections.

First, he openly addressed anyone involved. Make no mistake, Nance seems to be saying, you will be found.

“To anyone who may have been part of the plot? They’re (the FBI) going to find out and they (the people who colluded with Russia) are going to regret it.”

Coming from a counterterrorism analyst and intelligence expert like Nance, those words should be chilling to anyone whose hands may be dirty.

Removing Comey Stops Nothing, Nance Explains

And the reason why is fairly simple. After all, Nance explained, “It’s the spy hunters of the United States who are investigating this case.” When asked specifically about what effect Trump’s desperate decision to fire Comey would have on FBI morale and whether it would impact the actual investigation, Nance shrugged it off.

“Nothing happens to their investigation,” he stated. He then explained in full:

“This particular division of the FBI these are people who hunt Americas enemies within the United States. This is not a normal investigation of the FBI by any stretch of the imagination. They are looking for Americans or foreign espionage officers who have had communications and affected this cyber warfare operations against the United States. They’re not going to let this up.”

And they shouldn’t. Trump may be ridiculous enough to believe that removing the head of the FBI will somehow result in the investigation stopping, but that’s just not the way the world actually works. In fact, Nance believes it will result in the opposite – and woe to anyone who has been trying to keep them from doing their jobs.

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“These guys are bloodhounds… Any kind of obstruction of justice, that’s felony for them,” Nance said, and then continued with his warning that should chill anyone involved.

“I think this is only going to deepen their determination to get to the truth. The President could have been absolved of all of this we don’t know, but when they get to the bottom of it, whoever is in the way, anyone who’s had any contact with any foreign intelligence, anyone that may be a part of a plot, they’re going to find out and they’re going to regret it.”

Do you hear that, Republicans? Nance is talking to you.

And this isn’t the first time Malcolm Nance has spoken up strongly about the connections between Trump and Russia. Watch him warn about Trump’s behavior in this clip from March 2017 below.

And to watch the entire exchange between Nichole Wallace and Malcolm Nance here.

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