'Like Taking a Bazooka to a Fly': Voter 'Fraud' Crusader's Deceit Exposed in Red State Trial

‘Like Taking a Bazooka to a Fly’: Voter ‘Fraud’ Crusader’s Deceit Exposed in Red State Trial

Voters in Kansas have been saved

Voter fraud is a serious issue that is very far from being a serious problem in the United States. Yet if someone is a Republican voter, they are probably under the impression that close to 3 million people illegally voted in the 2016 presidential election to give Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton the popular vote.

Trump was so determined to insist upon this narrative that he created a committee in May 2017 to look into national voter fraud. Or, at least, to make a big show of doing so. Leading it was Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. As the master-mind of the Arizona’s “papers please” law (widely regarded as racist), and disturbing voter suppression efforts in his own state of Kansas, Kobach was the perfect candidate for this administration’s plainly racist agenda, and the GOP’s agenda of stacking the deck in their own favor, to win elections.

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in 2013 Kobach pioneered a tactic in Kansas called the “proof of citizenship” that was supposed to allow every law-abiding citizen to vote, but in reality suppressed tens of thousands of Kansans. The ACLU took up their case, and launched a counter-attack against Kobach and his anti-suffrage team.

During the trial, Kobach was unable to prove that anything more than 11 noncitizens actually voted, a minuscule number compared to the thousands he alleged were participating in the Kansas electoral process. As a result, he will now face a contempt hearing where, if if it is proven that he did in fact fail to follow a judge’s orders, he will be in legal trouble.

As Bryan Lowry of The Kansas City Star writes:

“The ACLU alleges that Kobach has failed to comply with a previous order in the case that requires him to treat voters who have not provided proof of citizenship the same as other registered voters until the judge rules.”

“A January filing from the ACLU also contends that Kobach’s office has refused to correct information in its manual for county election officers on how to handle these voters, who were allowed to cast ballots in the 2016 election under the order.”

“Kobach could face fines or other punishment if the judge agrees that he has flouted the previous order.”

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Kobach has long been a thorn in the side of both the state of Kansas and the nation. During his period with Trump’s voter “fraud” commission, he wasted no time in starting up a controversy by asking every state to provide personal information on every voter registered in their boundaries, a clear violation of federal and state law that would have given the Republican party an edge politically.

Things got so bad that by October 2017, less than six months after it was created, the commission itself was put under investigation by the Government Accountability Office over lack of transparency in its handling of private information. The probe would have taken five months to fully conclude, but Trump, evidently seeing that things were going nowhere, dissolved the commission in January 2018.

All of which goes to show just how dishonest and prejudicial the Republican Party’s efforts to divide and conquer the country, using race, and how deceitful, and dangerous it’s master-mind Kobach is, to democracy.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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