In Jaw Dropping CNN Battle, Never Trumper Viciously Shreds Trump Apologist in Must See TV Clip

In Jaw Dropping CNN Battle, Never Trumper Viciously Shreds Trump Apologist in Must See TV Clip

A remarkably “wild discussion” took place on CNN Friday, which has people talking.

The argument about President Trump’s scandalous dalliances, including Porn Star Stormy Daniels, broke out between two strongly opposed political pundits – BOTH REPUBLICANS – with Never Trumper Rick Wilson absolutely cutting loose on Trump and his supporters, and Paris Dennard, who never fails to toe the GOP line, devolved into talk soup that boiled over at times as both men talked over each other, as host Brooke Baldwin sat bemused by the whole spectacle.

There were slamming one liners and personal attacks, and in the end there was no doubt about who won, and who lost that argument. Rich Wilson was on fire, and Dennard didn’t bring a fire extinguisher.

Wilson started by smacking down Trump’s political base of deplorables:

“They’ve told us over and over they will tolerate any amorality, any scuzzy behavior. I mean, he could be hittin’ it with her on the White House lawn and they’d be like, ‘Yay! Go MAGA!'”

Already, you knew this was going to be a wild ride…

Sticking as he does to the prime directive of the GOP playbook (first, be a hypocrite), Dennard immediately ignored decades of attacks by Republicans on former President Bill Clinton for his dalliances, and on former First Lady Hillary Clinton to plaintively decry that the issue was “personal” and not related to Trump’s job as President and Role Model in Chief, and to spare a thought for poor Melania.

Wilson, a rare Republican who doesn’t stick to the GOP playbook, and hasn’t hesitated to attack the Clintons over the years, could not conceal his glee at Dennard opening that Pandora’s box. And that only intensified when Dennard tried to suggest that because Cohen’s payoff to Daniels happened before the election — when it was intended to silence her so news of the affair wouldn’t hurt Trump’s chances of winning the election — somehow that made it not a big deal. And as Dennard struggled to take his bullshit by the horns, Baldwin highlighted that is was indeed (of course) a big deal. Then Wilson jumped in, “I’m sorry, buddy. I, I feel you struggling here,” Wilson teased, “let me help you out here.” Rolling right over Dennard, Wilson opened a can of woop-ass on Trump:

“Donald Trump has a long pattern of engagement with women to whom he is not married. Michael Cohen has long been out there, doing these NDA’s for these various women Trump was involved with sexually and in other capacities. This is something that is a long pattern of behavior. Now are you telling me the Republicans never once brought up the fact that Bill Clinton screwed his way through Arkansas? No. They did it all the time. It wasn’t because it was before he was President that matter, it’s that it happened at all.”

Dennard tried to counter by suggesting that because Bill Clinton had been in elected office when he had affairs before he was President a double standard should apply. And as he tried to insist that it was “apples and oranges,” Wilson kept trying to get a word in edgewise, repeating “if your standard is that low”. Eventually, he got it out:

“If your standard is that low that you’re OK with him screwing porn stars – if you’re OK with him screwing porn stars – just say the words, ‘I’m OK with Donald Trump screwing porn stars’. Can you say that for me Paris?”

Dennard snapped, whining that Wilson had “no respect” for the President’s family, which got a sarcastic, “oh, I’m sorry” rejoinder from Wilson. Then Dennard contradicted himself, saying that the whole thing had nothing to do with Trump as a candidate. Wait, what?? Just moments before, he was arguing it was just a personal matter because the payoff happened while he was a candidate with an imminent election, not yet President. And then, Dennard leveled a veiled personal threat;

“You can dig up dirty laundry, and I pray to God that nobody goes back into you past and picks up something that has nothing to do with your present time.”

Through the cross talk that ensued, Wilson made a strong point — that if Trump’s apologists want to defend him by calling it disrespectful to the President’s family to discuss how the President has been disrespectful to his family as he ran out on them to “screw porn stars” — then it’s fair to point out that Trump has been disrespectful to veterans, insulting POW’s, and to Gold Star families, and “been a routine source of complete disgust and humiliation for folks across this country, because of his behavior towards people”. And when the cross talk stopped, Wilson stepped in forcefully.

“Don’t you DARE talk about respect when he insulted the family of Humayun Khan. Don’t you dare talk about respect when Donald Trump insulted John McCain’s war service. That is a man who has no respect for anyone on this Earth.”

Wilson added, “and the fact that you’re defending him on that speaks much more about your character… and, and the low standards you have”. Dennard pounced, once again with a veiled threat, warning Wilson not to impugn his character “because you don’t know me”. Ooh. Scary.

In the end, Baldwin stepped in, and held Dennard’s feet to the fire. She handed Dennard a shovel, and he buried himself with it, admitting that the whole matter was indeed a valid concern before snapping right back to arguing that it wasn’t. He even suggested hush money cover up about porn star and President affairs is simply a matter of “attorney client privilege.” And as Dennard buried his own barely existent credibility alive, Wilson shook his head and blew out his cheeks in exasperation.

And then, as if a voice came from off-screen to say “FINISH HIM”, Mortal Kombat Style, Wilson dropped the hammer. As Dennard begged for help from Baldwin, Wilson took the kill shot, saying over and over (six times) “screwed a porn star.” Leaving Dennard to give up and say “say it again”.


Watch the Jaw Dropping Exchange:

Featured image via Twitter/CNN.

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