Jake Tapper Calls the GOP Out: No One Believes the President (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper Calls the GOP Out: No One Believes the President (VIDEO)

Jake Tapper Nails Trump Over GOP Disbelief

Jake Tapper unerringly encapsulated one of Donald Trump’s problems surrounding the current wiretap scandal the president himself created.

No one, from either side of the political aisle, seems to believe him.

In an early morning Twitter storm that took everyone, including those closest to him, by surprise, Trump blithely accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones at Trump Tower, prior to the election. It was a moment of either breathtaking stupidity…or breathtaking paranoia. Neither bodes well for the president, or our country.

The wild claim was unfounded, and remains unproven. Furthermore, it has raised all sorts of tough questions for the current administration. Where is Trump getting his “information”? Does Donald Trump actually understand that scope and limitations of the very office he holds – as in, comprehending that a president cannot unilaterally demand a wiretap be placed? Was Donald Trump actually wiretapped? Because if so, that would mean a warrant had been issued, which means furthermore that a court found probably cause to issue that warrant.

And yet, rather than at least attempt to walk back his wild claim, Trump has refused to do so. In fact, he has called for an investigation. Senator Lindsey Graham – also a Republican – asked that the Department of Justice release any information related to the case. And still, Trump believes he will  be vindicated.

Trump’s Wiretap Claim Has Made Him A Lonely Guy

But, as Jake Tapper pointed out, Trump’s decision to stick by his crazy wiretap claim so has made him lonely.

Using an interview of Vice President Mike Pence, Jake Tapper pointed out how Trump’s own VP dodged the question of whether he believed Trump.

“I’m sure you noticed that the vice president was asked yes or no, do you believe President Obama committed this action, one that both the FBI director and former Director of National Intelligence have said did not happen,” Jake Tapper noted. “And the vice president did not answer.”

And CNN’s anchor didn’t stop there.

Jake Tapper highlighted other instances when Republicans refused to clearly state their support and belief of their president. Furthermore, Jake Tapper stated, there is simply no one, with any access to any intelligence at all, who is backing the president on his wild claims against former president Barack Obama.

And these aren’t just any Republicans, Jake Tapper points out. These are people on the president’s payroll.

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“No one from the president’s team says the charge is true,” Tapper says. “No one says, ‘’ believe the president.’ And these are people who are paid to believe the president!”

Watch the clip below.

The truth hurts…and it is no wonder fact-hating Donald Trump keeps calling CNN “fake news.”

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