Ashamed Fox News employees call network "an embarrassment"

“I want to quit” – ashamed Fox News employees eye the door – call network “an embarrassment”

Anyone who was tuned in to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last night probably got a bellyful of uncomfortable laughs when he turned his attention to “Fox & Friends.” This pitiful excuse for an early morning talk show has developed a disturbing reputation for containing the biggest room of partisan hacks amongst any cable news network. From Sarah Palin to Ann Coulter to now Donald Trump, they have done nothing but create an echo chamber of groupthink for their guests (and subsequently viewers) to indulge themselves in at the expense of sanity.

As further proof of this, Colbert pointed out how the Fox News segment had refused to discuss anything relating to Robert Mueller’s indictments of Trump campaign members Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos. This is because they were no doubt suffering from a cognitive dissonance of having to protect Donald Trump’s image of being a man of the working class whilst still “reporting” the news came about. They evidently chose to be propagandists or, as Colbert lightly put it, “the president’s roadside petting zoo.”

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But this ignorance was not just limited to “Fox & Friends.” Many members of the network decided to spin the revelations in a way that would allow right-wing audiences to digest the story without actually understanding its implications, and that of course primarily meant scapegoating Hillary Clinton. Conspiracy nut Sean Hannity, for example, tweeted out that a special counsel should be formed to investigate Clinton.

Liz Peek, in an amusingly bad op-ed, wrote that yesterday “was not a good day for President Trump, but it was an even worse day for Hillary Clinton” as apparently there was “no mention of Russia, or of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow” despite Papadopoulos confessing that he did use Russian connections to get dirt on Clinton. Tucker Carlson and Greg Jarrett both agreed with that assessment in their own reports on the matter. And of course there were Fox representatives like Harris Faulkner who agreed with Trump that the Podesta Brothers were to blame.

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As such, one can imagine how tough this level of biased idiocy can be to handle for those rational people still working under Rupert Murdoch’s shadow, and the good news is they may have had enough. In several anonymous messages to CNN, members of the conservative station were left so bewildered by the embarrassing coverage of the Mueller case that they actively “want to quit” soon.

We honestly cannot blame them: the amount of work that must go into changing objective stories into pro-Trump narratives must be incredibly exhausting, especially if you are someone with a decent set of morals.

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