Here Are The Most Hilarious, Sad But True TrumpShutdown Memes Trolling the White House & GOP

Here Are The Most Hilarious, Sad But True TrumpShutdown Memes Trolling the White House & GOP

Welcome to the first anniversary of Trump’s America! January 20th, 2018, one year to the day that Donald Trump drained the swamp into the White House, moved the locker room into the oval office, and after years of selling Real Estate to Russians, sold them the whole country.

So, how are we after one year? Well, on the plus side of things, we’re still coasting on the Obama economy. But Trump just slashed taxes for the rich, then immediately took credit for that economy. Never mind the law of cause and effect, of course. Now we get effect, then cause. Apparently. Stock up on essentials now, kiddies.

On the negative side, the whole world is in an uproar, the people are out in the streets in force, and the government is shut down.

The shutdown part of this is especially rich, since the “Art of the Deal” President couldn’t get a deal to keep his own government open when his own party controls all three branches of that same government. And the same guy taking credit for the economy he inherited from our last President, a Democrat, is blaming the shutdown of his government on, you guessed it, Democrats. When the truth is that Republicans wanted to force democrats to either boot out children brought here by their parents, or boot children off their health care. Great set of choices, that. And all so they can build the stupid racist wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. When any thinking person knows that the only part of the wall Mexico will ever pay for will be the tunnels they’ll dig under it.

As you might imagine, this shutdown is creating a fun conversation on social media. Often the best zingers in the social media conversation come in the form of memes. And so, dear readers, I’ve compiled some of my favorites for you. Enjoy!

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