Heartless Ann Coulter Spins Sick 'Child Actors' Conspiracy Theory for Right-Wing Nutcase Crowd

Heartless Ann Coulter Spins Sick ‘Child Actors’ Conspiracy Theory for Right-Wing Nutcase Crowd

Coulter is a Soulless Cretin

To combat the ever-growing concern for the immigrant children who are being torn from their parents, allegedly abused by CBP officials, and put into horrible detainment situations, the conservative media has drummed up a desperate new (old) strategy: pretending the kids are actors.

The effort is being led by right-wing author and pundit Ann Coulter, who became famous for being a harsh critic of the Clinton Administration back in the late-90s, and has been cashing in on plumbing the depths of the right wing ever since. Speaking on the Fox News program “The Next Revolution,” Coulter claimed that these children being shown on television are actors coached by liberals to give the mainstream media something to broadcast:

“I would also say one other thing, these child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now — do not fall for it, Mr. President.”

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As evidence, Coulter claimed that there was a piece in The New Yorker that backed up her ludicrous claims. However, no one has been able to find any such article corroborating her account, though The New Yorker has declined to comment at the moment.

To make matters worse, this idea has gained steam on right-wing rags like Breitbart, which retweeted Coulter’s comments, and the President’s own son liked Breitbart’s retweet. Not that this should come as a surprise considering Trump has openly admitted to not only watching Fox News, but being friends with Alex Jones.

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Right-wing conspiracy theories are a double-edged sword. From the safety of the sidelines it is easy to laugh them off as nonsense aimed at nutcases, but to do so is to reside in a bubble immune to the cries of a good portion of the population. The fact of the matter is is that there are not only people who believe in these disgusting lies, but also people willing to act on them if they feel it is their patriotic duty to do so. The country saw this in December 2016 when a crazy man named Edgar Welch opened fire with an AR-15 Assault rifle in a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.  after conspiracy theorists alleged that a child sex ring was being run out of that area.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the thing about conspiracies is they can have an emotional impact on innocent civilians. For example, for years right wing provacatuer Alex Jones, who is cashing in on the same conservative conspiracy crowd as Coulter, has propagated this idea that the the dead children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 were not real. And while this has finally culminated in a lawsuit against Jones by some of the parents, it has not stopped him from influencing a generation of mentally ill individuals.

Coulter, and Breitbart, and anyone else who advocates inconceivable ideas like crying immigrant children being fake are not just doing this for giggles: they are trying to create dangerous propaganda against any type of progressive reform, and it is up to us to stop them. The lives of these immigrants depends on it.

More than that though, it’s a tactic that has been used to stall reform that has allowed the epidemic of school massacres to continue unabated, costing many children, and teachers their lives. Now it’s being used to try to keep the lives of immigrant children in danger. And if this is allowed to continue, every time the cruel, greedy policies of the right wing endanger the lives and liberty of children, the same tactic will be used.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons.

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