If Trump Was the 'Most Pro-LGBT Candidate Ever' - Why Did He Ignore Pride Month?

If Trump Was the ‘Most Pro-LGBT Candidate Ever’ – Why Did He Ignore Pride Month?

Trump’s PRIDEful lie

For those who watched the Republican National Convention unfold last year, you might remember a quote or two from Donald Trump. Trump promised those in the LGBT community that they had nothing to worry about. He was going to be their president. In fact, he said he would do better than whatever Hillary Clinton had in mind.

Fast forward to today and it’s Pride Month. So, does Trump plan on celebrating the achievements of those within the LGBT community? He must have things planned to celebrate Pride Month at the White House, right? Wrong.

Instead of taking part in pride celebrations, the Trump Administration had other proclamations in mind. The month of June is also dedicated to home ownership, the ocean, African-American music, and the great outdoors. But there have been no LGBT pride events listed. The irony is staggering because not only has Trump made buying houses more difficult to low-income Americans, nobody is in charge of FEMA and the NOAA. Trump’s budget makes a negative impact on African-Americans, and the outdoors aren’t going to be so great now that Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord.

A New President, a new precedent

High profile Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perez have already made themselves vocal about how they truly feel about this because, for eight years, it was a White House norm. To honor those who fought for their rights as a gay, bi or trans-American. If Trump cared about the LGBT community then he would not do something so symbolic like removing pride events from the White House. Instead, Trump would rather use the community as a prop for his horrendous foreign policy while also making sure to take away protections from those within the community. Once again, Trump has proven himself to be a liar and a fraud. He still has LGBT supporters, but what will it take for them to realize that he just doesn’t care?

Watch: Trump Called ‘The Most Pro-LGBT Candidate Ever’

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