GOP Senator Wants To Open Adult Videos To Lawsuits, Declares 'Public Health Crisis' (VIDEO)

GOP Senator Wants To Open Adult Videos To Lawsuits, Declares ‘Public Health Crisis’ (VIDEO)

A Utah senator is doing what he can to expose internet pornography to lawsuits. All one would have to do is prove somehow that viewing smut online has caused one undeniable damage in some way.

Sen. Todd Weiler (R-Woods Cross) stated:

“I’m trying to kind of track the same path that was taken against tobacco 70 years ago. It’s not government coming in and saying what you can and can’t watch. It’s just basically a message to the pornography industry that if someone in Utah can prove damages from the product, that they may be held liable financially.”

Weiler’s effort follows a successful resolution sponsored one year ago which declared porn a “public health crisis” in Utah—not altogether surprising considering porn consumption was among the highest in that state out of all other states not too long ago. Weiler claims the latest bill will “focus mainly on underage children and teens who become addicted to pornography.” He stated:

“I’m concerned that the average age of first exposure to hardcore sex videos on the Internet is now the age of 11.”

Weiler is actually a lawyer, himself, and believes the first “30 or so” cases to come forth on the matter are likely doomed to failure.

Weiler is thinking of the long game, though, and believes he has enough chains to throw on these tires to gain some eventual traction. In addition, the anti-smut senator is writing up a complimentary bill to aid public libraries in filtering porn from their Wi-Fi connections altogether. It’s a “Wham! Bam! No thank you, ma’am!” punch he hopes will stem the tide of heavy, harmful porn consumption in the state of Utah. Weiler said:

“I’m looking at where we can push the envelope as a state of Utah. To pretend that this is not having any impact on our youth, on our children’s minds as they’re developing, as their attitudes towards sex and the opposite sex are being formed, I think is foolish.”

Some are wary of Weiler’s efforts, though. One attorney with Utah’s American Civil Liberties Union worries the bill could impede First Amendment rights should they come to pass, but offered no further comment on the matter considering lack of having reviewed the bill firsthand.

Check out weiler speaking on the possible lawsuits to come, below:

H/T: KSL | Featured image by Joe Raedle via Getty News Images

Dylan Hock is a writer, educator, and activist. He serves as a volunteer board member of The James Jackson Museum of African American History.

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