'Go Back to Your Palace, Princess': Ivanka Trump Shamed by Protesters

‘Go Back to Your Palace, Princess’: Ivanka Trump Shamed by Tax Protesters

Ivanka got called out for being the Trump that she is

When it comes to what will affect the middle class the most, two policies come to mind: healthcare and tax reform. Healthcare because it involves how much money people will end up spending on things that they will absolutely have to invest in, such as yearly physical exams for their children, geriatrics for their elders, vaccines, and medicine/surgery during times of sickness. Tax reform, on the other hand, involves more than just the federal income tax: it is how much middle class owners will have to spend to make up for the deficits caused by the richest one-percent avoiding paying their fair share, as the Paradise Papers revealed the other day.

Trump ran on a ticket of populism, but anyone who saw past this persona would have seen just how much of a con this was from the beginning. Even though his billionaire status is up for debate, he belongs to that upper class that seeks to exploit every loophole they can in the system.

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Already the President has proven to be incompetent on the healthcare front, advocating reform that would cause millions of people to lose their health insurance and ultimately utilizing an executive order to allow health providers in red states to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions. Now he is focusing on tax reform, and to do that he has enlisted the help of two members of his Administration: Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who worked as a Wall Street hedge fund manager, and First Lady and daughter Ivanka Trump, who outsourced jobs to factories in China that abuse their workers. In other words, two of the worst people when it comes to understanding the plight of the working class.

They learned things the hard way at an event in New Jersey to discuss how this plan would be beneficial to people making less than $100,000/year. The short answer was it wasn’t due to it eliminating the ability for people to deduct expenses like schools items and property taxes, the latter being a big problem in New Jersey due to the high property taxes.

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Many citizens of the state understood this, and took to protesting the entire arena, throwing such accurate insults as “princess” at Ivanka. In other words, despite seemingly being in the pocket of Republican Governor Chris Christie, the people spoke up and revealed otherwise. Let us hope more do the same across the nation.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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