His Girlfriend Was kiled so He Ran Against the NRA's Candidate and Won

His Girlfriend Was Shot to Death on Live TV, so He Ran Against the NRA’s Candidate – and Won!

Hurst has proven that the NRA can be beaten by good people

There is this apathetic idea that has been a part of American politics long before Trump became President, and it concerns the hopelessness of activism. If we accept the notion that the elite and their wealthy lobbyists control the political sphere, then it makes sense to come to the conclusion that it is impossible for the common man (or woman, or transgendered person) to triumph in the end.

To many the 2016 primaries feel like a prime example of this occurring, with Senator Bernie Sanders getting partially cheated out of the nomination by the Democratic National Committee. Which, if you believe the allegations of former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile (which she has since walked back), actually happened.

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And, considering the way the Trump Administration immediately moved to destroy the civil rights and liberties of Americans, you might be tempted to think that the 42 percent of eligible voters that abstained from voting were proven right about their decision not to participate in the democratic process. However, if yesterday’s state and local election results told us anything, it is that they could not be more wrong.

If there is one good aspect of the Trump Administration, it is that it has inspired a massive progressive movement in this country, and the Republican Party is suffering all the more for it. What made the Democratic victories all the more sweet was that a good number of them involved GOP politicians, sometimes back by Trump, defeated by people directly opposed to their beliefs.

Arguably the most noteworthy person to come from this was Chris Hurst. For those who may have forgotten, Hurst’s girlfriend was Alison Parker, a reporter for the CBS-affiliated news station WDBJ, who, along with her photojournalist Adam Ward, was fatally shot while conducting an interview on August 25, 2015. It was a horrible tragedy, made all the more sad by the fact that, like with other shootings in the United States, nothing came of it. The NRA maintained their grasp on members of congress.

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Rather than sit by and let this unacceptable attitude continue, Hurst decided to join the realm of politics by running for a delegate position in the Virginia House of Delegates. What made his campaign more enticing was that his opponent, Joseph R. Yost, not only had an A-grade from the NRA, but was also a three-time winner. So not only did Hurst have to overcome the deeply conservative politics of his district, but he also faced the incumbency advantage held by Yost.

Yet his campaign managed to triumph. Part of this had to do with the fact that Hurst never let Parker’s death bring him down, instead using her memory to help him move forward with life and eventually onto the path of politics:

“Our campaign has really tried not to focus on what happened to me. Only inasmuch as I needed to explain to voters why I was running and leaving a good-paying job and a career that I loved.”

“I think that she would be very proud. And I continue to be proud of her.”

We wish him the best of luck in his role as a Virginia delegate.

Image a screen capture from Chris Hurst Facebook page

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