French President Gets Huge, Super Long Standing Ovation from Republicans After Slamming Trumpism

French President Gets Huge, Super Long Standing Ovation from Republicans After Slamming Trumpism

Trump just got owned

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered an address to the United States Congress that discussed many aspects, from U.S./French history to his relationship with President Trump to his views on U.S. policies.

In an interesting move, rather than offer heaps of praise for Trump’s legislative initiatives, Macron chose to take a step back and examine them indirectly and objectively. Specifically, he targeted the advocacy of nationalism and isolationism- ideologies that have only bred hatred without resolving any problems:

“We can choose isolationism, withdrawal, and nationalism. This is an option. It can be tempting to us as a temporary remedy to our fears, but closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world. It will not douse, but inflame, the fears of our citizens.”

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The most surprising part, though, came when Macron talked about the Iran Nuclear Deal. Once a signature achievement of the Obama Administration, the Iran deal has, like the Affordable Care Act, become a target of the GOP’s irrational disgust with the former President: a sentiment shared by Trump who, in March 2018, proposed taking a tougher stance on diminishing it.

In his speech, Macron noted that, while he agreed that there were some negative aspects of the arrangement with Iran, the solution was not to get rid of it:

“It is true to say that this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns. But we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial instead. That’s my position.”

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Prior to giving his speech, Macron was greeted with a three-minute standing ovation. At the end, he received a similar response from the group of Republican and Democratic congressmen, seemingly indicating bipartisan support for what he was advocating.

In the words of journalist Kevin Baron, Macron’s speech was “downright JFK,” and that description could not be more accurate. Instead of stoking fear and advocating constant warfare like Trump, Macron proposed actual solutions to the problems both countries are facing.

As Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin put it, Macron “seduced” the conservative politicians in the country:

Watch the French President’s address below:

Featured Image via YouTube.
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