Florida Traveler Drowns Puppy

Florida Traveler Drowns Puppy

Traveling just gets harder and harder. You have to purchase trial sized toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel, mouthwash, and conditioner. Then you have to put it in a zip lock bag. Make sure your laptop is out of its bag and in its own bin for the x-ray. Remove your shoes and your belt. Oh, and don’t travel with animals under the age of 8 weeks.

A Volusia, Florida woman had not gotten that memo when she showed up at a Nebraska airport last week with three newborn puppies and two older dogs. After being told she would be denied boarding, she contacted her parents to come pick up two of the three puppies. That last puppy though? She tried to hide it in her carry-on bag and spirit it past the gate agents and onto the plane. Unfortunately for the puppy, her clever rouse was discovered and she was informed she would not be allowed to depart if she still had the puppy in tow. This is when she devised a rather elegant solution: Drown the puppy in a toilet!

Animal lovers the world over are shocked at the sickeningly selfish and callous resolution Cynthia Anderson, 56,  found for her flight situation. Distraught at possibly having to take a later flight, Anderson and her puppy entered the restroom. Minutes later Anderson emerged sans puppy. She likely would have been flying the friendly skies had another passenger not stumbled upon the gruesome discovery of a lifeless puppy in a toilet.

Anderson was immediately arrested and charged with animal abuse. The two larger dogs traveling with Anderson were placed in the custody of the Grand Island Central Nebraska Humane Society where they are reportedly “doing fine” according to executive director Laurie Dethloff. The charge of animal abuse was levied against Anderson after an investigation by the local human society that proved there was water in the puppy’s lungs, proving drowning as the cause of death.

Surprisingly, (or not so much), this is not Anderson’s first run-in with the law. She was arrested and placed on probation for retail theft 5 years ago and has racked up an impressive rap sheet in the interim, including robbery, grand theft, battery, and trespassing. Even though she violated terms of one of her sentences of probation, she was not arrested and is currently awaiting trial.

Speaking to the press regarding Anderson’s latest legal transgression, Grand Island police Captain Dean Elliott stated the puppies couldn’t have been more than 3 weeks old. “Their eyes weren’t even open,” explained Captain Elliott. Equally frustrating for all involved was why Anderson had her parents drive to the airport to retrieve two of the three puppies but not the third one. This story would have a different ending if that had occurred.

It is difficult to know what evil lurks in the hearts of those around us at any given moment. This woman likely appeared to be quirky or eccentric to those waiting in the boarding lounge with her. Little could they fathom this 56-year-old woman would slink off into the nearest restroom and hold this poor puppy’s head under the waterline of the toilet until it jerked, wriggled, and breathed its last watery breath. Cynthia Anderson proved to the passengers in that Nebraska airport that there are monsters among us.

Image: Pixbay Creative Commons

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