Donald Trump 'Is Not A Loyal American', Says Ex-CIA Agent

WARNING: Donald Trump ‘Is Not A Loyal American’, Says Famed Ex-CIA Agent

Trump’s Associations with the Russians are calling into question his American allegiance

Evan McMullin is a former CIA operative that has earned a lot of respect from politicians in the country. Not only is he comfortably moderate on the spectrum, but he also identifies as an independent, meaning one side or the other cannot demonize him based on party allegiance.

Aside from his acknowledgment of man-made climate change, what makes McMullin very respectable on the left is his condemnation of Trump, especially during the Republican Primary. Even though his campaign did not stand much of a chance against the other corporate-backed candidates, McMullin made its his goal to inform conservative audiences about the dangers of Trump’s ideology (in light of Trump’s win, it is clear this information fell on deaf ears).

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Trump’s election, however, has not put off McMullin from trying to persuade the electorate and American people about the international and domestic problems that could emerge from this. With Trump’s Cabinet picks revealing his delusional mindset, McMullin took to Twitter to condemn Trump, saying, among many things, that: he was welcoming Russian subversion, undermining the constitution, and not a “loyal American.”

McMullin fought to protect national security interests his entire career. Even if you do not agree with all of his politics, what he is saying about Trump is worth listening to. Trump has confirmed associations with the Russians, who worked to undermine democracy in the United States. We must do everything we can to oppose this man and prevent him from destroying our country.

Image by George Frey/Getty Images

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