Everyone in Hawaii Just Got a Nuclear False Alarm, Thanks to Trump

Everyone in Hawaii Just Got a Nuclear False Alarm, Thanks to Trump

For everyone in Hawaii and really, the rest of the world, too, President Trump’s pointless provocations of North Korea just became all too terrifyingly real of a clear and very present danger.

An Emergency Alert was just sent out saying Hawaii was about to go up in nuclear “Fire and Fury”. Seriously. And thankfully, according to Hawaii Reprentative Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, that was a false alarm. A side effect of being on high alert.

This is what being on high alert because of a loud-mouth who has mistaken nuclear brinksmanship for a button measuring contest has brought us to.

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This man is insane and going to get us all killed. There’s plenty of evidence at this point that Donald Trump is unfit for the highest office in the world, in a myriad of ways. He’s mentally unfit, according to most of those in his inner circle. There’s a mounting mountain of evidence that he’s a traitor – which even his own former Chief Strategist alleges. Congress has all the reason they need to impeach, and his cabinet has all the reason they need to invoke the 25th Amendment.

And they need to act IMMEDIATELY – before the smoking gun really is a mushroom cloud. Because this kind of close call false alarm is how accidental wars start.

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