Murdered Ex-KGB Chief Potentially Linked To Leaked Trump Dossier

COVER-UP? Murdered Ex-KGB Chief Potentially Linked To Leaked Trump Dossier

In early January of this year, the media company “BuzzFeed” published a controversial dossier on then President-elect Donald Trump that declared, amongst a slew of scary connections, that Trump was being blackmailed by Russian politicians as a result of him committing severe sexual misconduct within the country.

As you would expect, both Trump and Russian officials denounced the report as “fake news,” the former taking to Twitter to fight the allegations.

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What many people do not know is that the dossier was not composed by some sketchy hacktivist or blogger. It was compiled by a former MI-6 agent by the name of Christopher Steele, who went into hiding with his family shortly after leaking the dossier, due to him knowing that the information would put his life in significant danger.

Those who think he was being paranoid in a country where “freedom of the press” is mostly protected may start to believe otherwise as an ex-KGB general by the name of Oleg Erovinkin was found dead today under mysterious circumstances. Initial reports are stating that he was suspected of helping Steele create his report.

The official cause of death was reported as a heart attack, but given the severe lack of transparency in Russia, anything is possible at this point. It is worth noting that no official sources have come out sufficiently concluding that Erovinkin was Steele’s mole, and given Steele’s current incognito status, it is unsure if we will ever know who the source was for a long time.

 (Photo by David Goldman – Pool/Getty Images)

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