Breaking: Unearthed Video Shows Trump Making Disgusting Comments About Melania's Pregnant Body

Breaking: Unearthed Video Shows Trump Making Disgusting Comments About Melania’s Pregnant Body

Obama Administration alumnus Scott Dworkin, now a Democratic Strategist and one of the people who initially uncovered the Trump-Russia connection, just uncovered something almost as damaging, and it’s almost certain to have Trump sleeping on the couch in the residence, if he’s not already.

What Dworkin uncovered is a snippet of archival video from the Howard Stern Show, in which Trump complains about the bodies of pregnant women. Worse yet, this was while his wife the future First Lady was pregnant with his youngest, his son Barron. Can it get any worse than that? Yes it can. Because that was also just about the time we now know he was cheating on his wife with porn star Stormy Daniels, and trying to get a second porn star that we know of, Alana Evans, to come “party” with him, too.

Both of the porn stars were about the same age as his daughter Ivanka, and Trump even compared Daniels to her.

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In the video, Stern leads Trump to shoot his mouth off as he often did so masterfully during Trump’s regular appearances on the show. “Stretched big bellies, fat ass” stern suggests, “from carryin’ babies.” Trump then nods in agreement and adds his own disgustingly disrespectful remark,  “sagging all over the place”.

See for yourself:

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The First Lady’s Revenge

For Melania’s part, she had already made her feelings about her husband (for now) clear after news of his affair broke amid reports that revealed that the President’s long time lawyer Michael Cohen had funneled a $130,000 payoff to Trump’s porn star mistress using a shell corporation and fake names. And she countered his trademark crass with her trademark class.

Notice who’s missing…

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