New Revelations as Porter Scandal Continues to Explode, White House Cover-up Unravels

New Revelations as Porter Scandal Continues to Explode, White House Cover-up Unravels

On Wednesday the FBI put out a detailed timeline of the revelations about former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s alleged abuse of his two ex-wives and a former girlfriend. That timeline shows that the White House was aware of the allegations against Porter for months before embarrassing reports about the allegations showed up in the Guardian, prompting his firing.

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But instead of removing Porter from his crucial position in the White House, the Administration took no action. And so Porter continued handling every single piece of classified information presented to the President in spite of being unable to get security clearance, likely because of the allegations and the fact they made him a prime target for blackmail by foreign intelligence services. And his superior, Chief of Staff John Kelly not only didn’t fire him for months, when the allegations at first came to light he praised Porter.

Then Kelly reportedly told his staff to lie to the media, saying Porter was let go within 40 minutes of Kelly learning of the allegations. This is a lie that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders echoed from the podium in the White House press briefing room as recently as Tuesday, while deflecting questions about lax White House standards on access to confidential information by blaming the press.

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And now it’s coming to light that Porter was actually being considered for a promotion when he abruptly resigned, only after the allegations appeared in media reports. Not only was Porter being considered for additional responsibility such as speechwriting and expanded policy roles outside the normal scope of the Staff Secretary position, according to a CNN source, Porter was actually being considered for the Deputy Chief of Staff role, according to a second CNN source.

White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly was among multiple White House officials who were reportedly open to the idea of promoting Porter. According to a CNN source familiar with the matter, Kelly was saying Porter was one of the few professional, competent people on his staff. Despite reportedly knowing for months about the allegations against him, Porter “definitely wanted to expand his role”, CNN’s source told them.

According to two familiar sources who spoke to CNN, the President’s daughter and son-in-law (and senior advisers) Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also considered Porter to be competent, and sought to increase his standing in the West Wing.

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