BREAKING: Mueller Investigating Nunes, Intel Republicans - GOP Staffers Running Scared

BREAKING: Mueller Investigating Nunes, Intel Republicans – GOP Staffers Running Scared

Nunes may very well be a leaker

Scott Dworkin, a senior advisor for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, came out with a damning revelation on Twitter. Devin Nunes, his employees, and the entire Republican House Intelligence Committee’s staff will be the targets of “multiple ongoing investigations” by not only Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but also the FBI and Department of Justice.

As indicated by the source in the Tweet, it appears that the GOP is starting to take measures to distance themselves from anyone in Mueller’s sights, including high-ranking members like Nunes. The question then is, why is the House Intelligence Committee being looked at now?

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To help expand the picture, Dworkin linked to Mother Jones article published in early February, which quoted Representative Tom Rooney (R-Fl) saying that the “entire Republican staff” was under an ethics investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) for leaking information. This was no doubt brought about by Nunes getting placed under a probe by the House Ethics Committee back in April 2017 for leaking intelligence. While he was exonerated in December 2017The Atlantic disclosed in January 2018 that the Ethics Committee was unable “to obtain or review the classified information at the heart of the inquiry.”

It therefore makes sense that one month later, in February, the OCE would not only reopen the investigation, but expand its scope to include everyone that Nunes talked to.

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In another tweet, Dworkin also reported that the Mueller actually knew about the various Michael Cohen scandals back in November. While not directly related to Nunes or the House Intelligence Committee, at least as far as the public is aware, it does show that those individuals working to protect Trump are suspected of serious crimes, and that they could break, sooner or later, if confronted with irrefutable evidence.

As the Trump Administration does potentially-irreparable damage, like pulling the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, it is crucial that these investigations be seen till their very end. Any person that tries to impede them, as Nunes clearly has, must be brought to justice. And with Mueller, and an FBI, and Department of Justice that need to protect their reputations amid charges from the President of a “witch hunt”, the smart money is betting they will.

Image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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