BREAKING: Michael Cohen's Business Partner Flips - Trump's Lawyers Freaking Out

BREAKING: Michael Cohen’s Business Partner Flips – Trump’s Lawyers Freaking Out

President Trump’s long time personal lawyer and “fixer”, now under investigation and officially formerly Trump’s lawyer, also is a part owner of a taxi business. And wouldn’t you know it, his business partner is a Russian immigrant,  who just agreed to cooperate with Government as a possible witness.

Evgeny A. Friedman, aka the “Taxi King” of New York, struck a deal which allows him to avoid jail time, and will help the Government, such as Mueller’s probe, and any other FBI probes, or other federal or state investigations, according to a source for the New York Times, who was reportedly briefed on the deal.

In other words, Cohen, and by extension Trump, could well and truly be screwed. Just imagine what a taxi company boss might know about who was coming and going, and what their cabs might have been used to deliver over the years. Qatari diplomats? Girls? Members of the Trump family? Mistresses of Mr. Trump? The list is long and could lead in so many directions. And only one has to pan out to pressure Mr. Cohen, and once he flips, Mr. Trump.

As for Mr. Friedman, well he plead guilty to a reduced charge of evading $50,000 in taxes. But he’d been originally accused of owing more than $5 million. He faced one count of grand larceny, and four counts of criminal tax fraud. These are all class B felonies, which carry real teeth. He might have faced 25 years in prison for each count – in effect, a life sentence. Instead, he now faces only 5 years of probation — if he hold up his end of the deal.

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Like Cohen, Friedman was also an attorney, but was recently disbarred. One has to wonder how long before Mr. Cohen has that same problem, too. Which is another avenue investigators and prosecutors can come at him from.

Meanwhile, Trump’s current lawyers, led — at least on TV — by the rather unhinged of late Rudy Giuliani, are reportedly nervously worried about the notion that Cohen is likely to flip on Trump. Indeed, they’ve reportedly concluded that an investigation into Cohen is perhaps even more likely to yield damning evidence against the President, than the Trump-Russia investigation, itself. Which might have something to do with their recent stalling, and bluffing tactics, and Giuliani’s recent string of televised freakouts.

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Watch Giuliani Freak Out in CNN Interview:

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