Justice Dept. Warned Trump His Adviser Is Vulnerable To Russia Blackmail

BREAKING: Justice Dept. Warned Trump His National Security Adviser Could Be Vulnerable To Russian Blackmail

Trump’s National Security Advisor has dangerous ties to russia

President Trump’s various Cabinet choices have received much-deserved criticism for their incompetence, lack of proper knowledge, and ties to hate groups amongst a plethora of damning disqualifications. But despite these flubs, they have all at least maintained a decent loyalty to the country from an international point-of-view.

That is with the exception of Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, a former army leader that currently serves as Trump’s National Security Advisor. Despite attaining a high rank in the United States military, Flynn came under investigation in late January of this year under suspicions of communicating with Russia.

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In the weeks since, however, information about a potential security problem has only gotten more concerning, culminating in today’s revelation by The Washington Post– the Department of Justice warned the Trump Administration about Flynn’s being vulnerable to blackmail from Russia.

If that sounds distinctly similar, you would be right. In early January, BuzzFeed published a dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent declaring that Trump was being blackmailed by Russian officials who had photographic evidence of him in sexually-compromising situations.

There is also another sense of déjà vu in the sense that Trump has already been heavily criticized for having close relationships with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The fact that he is deliberately filling his administration with unpatriotic people is the sign of a possible traitor.

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