BREAKING: Mass Shooting at Youtube HQ -- But Don't Worry, Trump Sent 'Thoughts & Prayers'

BREAKING: Mass Shooting at Youtube HQ — But Don’t Worry, Trump Sent ‘Thoughts & Prayers’

According to news reports, a woman in her 30’s approached an outdoor dining area at Youtube’s headquarters, at around 12:30 pm pacific time, and opened fire with a gun.

Witnesses told local news station FTVU that the shooter turned the gun on herself, and committed suicide. San Bruno Chief of Police Ed Barberini told the Fox affiliate that the suspect was believed to be dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. No further details on the shooter are known at this time, but authorities early suspicions point to a domestic dispute.

There are three known victims. A 36 year old man in critical condition. A 27 year old woman in fair condition. And a third man in unknown condition. All three being treated at San Francisco General Hospital, which is expecting more patients.

And so yet another mass shooting in America. But not to worry folks, the NRA subsidiary known as the Republican Party, and it’s Clown in Chief, have an endless supply of that miracle salve, thoughts and prayers.

Don’t you feel better now?

Watch, Ironically, this coverage hosted by Youtube:

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