Breaking: After Firing Comey, Trump Ranted at Acting FBI Director, Asked Who He Voted For

Breaking: After Firing Comey, Trump Ranted at Acting FBI Director, Asked Who He Voted For

Remember when former FBI Director James Comey said that President Trump demanded a loyalty oath of him, and fired him shortly after he demurred? Of course, Comey is already a very credible person, but that claim just became much more credible.

In May of 2017, shortly after firing Comey, the President summoned his acting replacement, now Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe to the Oval Office, where he harangued the then Acting Director about his wife’s political campaign, and demanded McCabe reveal who he voted for; Trump, or his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Historically, this is a very improper, and perhaps illegal, thing for an Executive to ask.

McCabe’s wife, a Democrat, had received a donation of several hundred thousand dollars to her campaign from a political action committee controlled by Terry McCauliffe, a prominent Democrat and a close friend of Hillary Clinton. Such donations from Super PACs to promising candidates are common in post Citizens United politics. Citizens United was a supreme court case that established political action committees as we know them. The case was brought by the Republican aligned organization Citizens United, which was opposed to Hillary Clinton.

Trump vented his anger over this donation at McCabe, who was then, due to the firing of Comey, at the head of the investigation into potential ties, coordination, or collusion between the Putin regime in Russia, and any individuals in the Trump campaign.

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McCabe is a twenty year veteran of the FBI, meaning he has served under both Democrat and Republican administrations. Nevertheless, Trump has now spent months deriding McCabe on Twitter, and according to other recent reports, applied pressure on current FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire McCabe, including via Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is supposed to be recused from the Trump Russia investigation, who was in contact on the matter with White House Counsel Don McGahn. As White House Counsel, McGahn’s involvement raises eyebrows, at least.

According to one former U.S official who spoke to The Washington Post, McCabe found the exchange “disturbing”.

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