In Bonkers Interview, Trump Probe Obstructionist Matt Gaetz Goes Full Conspiracy Nut

In Bonkers Interview, Trump Probe Obstructionist Matt Gaetz Goes Full Conspiracy Nut

Gaetz is going off the deep end to protect trump

Though there are Republicans like John McCain and Trey Gowdy that openly support the Mueller Investigation, there are plenty of GOP congressman like Devin Nunes that would love to see the probe brought to an end, claiming it is nothing but a Democratic-ploy to take down President Trump.

The arguments they make boil down to there’s nothing there, and stop looking — before you find something. Of course that’s not logical. But then, if we’re going to talk about logic, there are only two logical reasons for elected officials to oppose getting to the bottom of a question of possible treason, especially by the President. Either they are either being so partisan that they would risk a traitor in the White House as long as he’s their traitor, or they’re traitors themselves. And really, if either is true, aren’t they betraying America either way?

Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida’s first district is one of the loudest of those treason denialists insisting there’s nothing to find and in a hurry to stop all the looking for anything. In addition to having extreme right wing positions on most issues, he is an ardent Trump supporter who has defended the President against every single controversy, such as when he called Haiti a “shith*le country” amongst others.

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Given his previous efforts to obstruct justice on Trump’s behalf, It is no surprise then that he would be willing to take a media bullet for his master on the issue of Russia collusion. Speaking to Anderson Cooper on CNN, Gaetz not only called for an end to the Special Counsel, but also pushed forward a conspiracy theory that there is a secret “cabal” inside the intelligence organization working to undermine the President. This despite the fact, as Cooper pointed out, that Gaetz’s assertions were based on a joke told by two members of the FBI in a text message.

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When Cooper pointed that out, Gaetz had this to say:

“It’s highly aberrational that you’ve got two people engaged in an extramarital affair texting in real time about an investigation into the president of the united states and about an investigation about a presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton, so it was a reasonable question to wonder why people at the FBI were referencing a secret society. while there may [have not been] some formal incarnation of that, you may have had the very informal cabal that [were] referenced.”

Got that? He thinks it’s strange that two people having a relationship would text each other about their work, or politics. He even tried to make it sound extra spooky by making an issue of text messages happening “in real time”. Which is, of course, how text messages work – and a telling sign of his breathless hyping of a nothing burger.

With top GOP hawks like Lindsay Graham insisting that were Trump to fire Mueller, that would be a red line for them, Gaetz was smart enough to break from his past rhetoric of flat out advocating for Mueller’s termination, and instead suggest he be given a short time limit to wrap up his query. Nonetheless, it is clear that there is a growing movement in the Republican Party to discredit Mueller at the very least, if not fire him outright. Talks of creating a second special counsel to investigate the GOP’s counter narrative that it’s the FBI and 2016 candidate Hillarywere always thrown around, but appear to have reached a fever pitch with House Majority Whip and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy voicing strong support it.

Let us hope that Mueller works well under pressure, because the GOP is starting to get desperate alongside Trump.

Watch the interview below:

Image a screen capture from Act Now 2017’s YouTube channel

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