Biting, Choking, Assault - Fox News Host's Son Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence, Gets Rehab

Biting, Choking, Assault – Fox News Host’s Son Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence, Gets Rehab

Does the apple fall far away from the tree Mr. Rivera?

Political views dictate one’s morality. If someone believes in ridiculous ideas or supports unethical individuals, then it is reasonable to conclude that they themselves are not a good person. If one needs further proof of this, they need not look any further than Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and his son Cruz.

On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Cruz pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge regarding the physical abuse of his girlfriend of nine years, Meghan Burke. This abuse, as publicly admitted by Cruz in court, entailed such disgusting actions as choking Burke on two separate occasions, roughing her up, biting her, pushing her to the floor, and attempting to further assault her.

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Unfortunately, he appears to have gotten off easily as he will have a clean criminal slate if he completes a court-assigned batterer’s program, avoids contact with Burke for a year, and does not commit anymore crimes for a year.

To understand where Cruz comes from, it is important to look at his father, who according to Cruz’s attorney Arthur Aidala, “100% supports his son.” Rivera was once an genuine journalist, gaining fame in the early-70s for his exposé on the abuse of mentally challenged patients at the Willowbrook State School on Staten Island. Following the tragedy of the September 11 attacks, though, Rivera became more right-leaning, switching from CNBC to Fox News and becoming a war correspondent that actively supported the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Rivera was infamous for making Bill O’Reilly-level mistakes/lies while overseas. Combined with his chickenhawk attitude, it is no surprise that he and Donald Trump became good friends, leading to Rivera becoming an ardent Trump apologist in the post-election era. For example, during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher in April 2018, Rivera remained certain that there was no collusion between the Trump Administration and Russia.

To get an idea of his son, it is important to look at where Rivera comes from politically and morally. While children can, of course, develop differently from their parents, there is no denying that that usually isn’t the case, at least among the GOP. For example, Trump’s oldest sons are active members of their father’s administration; Bristol Palin is a homophobe and reportedly assaulted a host during a party, and Mike Huckabee’s son murdered a dog as a boy scout while his daughter parrots talking points for the White House as the Press Secretary.

As far as I am concerned, Rivera is complacent in the development of his son’s disturbing behavior, and his continued support of him speaks wonders about him.

Featured Image from Geraldo Rivera’s Twitter account

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