Asked "Why Are You Celebrating the Murder of Heather Heyer," Unite the Right Leader Calls on Goons

Asked “Why Are You Celebrating the Murder of Heather Heyer,” Unite the Right Leader Calls on Goons

Journalist Alex Rubenstein, a Washington, D.C. based reporter who was once arrested while covering the Trump Inauguration (ironically, for RT America, the American wing of Russian state TV Russia Today) managed to get Jason Kessler, the organizer of Sunday’s sputtering hate-fest, on camera and ask what I think is the most important question of the Unite the Right sequel, “why are you celebrating the murder of Heather Heyer?”

Why, indeed.

Pointing out that Heyer was murdered by a neo-nazi terrorist who drove a car into a crowd of people counter-protesting against Nazis, a year before to the day, Rubenstein asked that most obvious of questions.

And we must ask ourselves a similar question… Why are we allowing terrorists to celebrate their attacks? Will Al Qaeda want to hold a march on September 11th, next? Does this cross the line of “free speech”? Is this really what the Founding Fathers meant by “peaceably assembled”?

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Of course, they showed themselves to be pathetic cowards, anyhow. As Kessler did too, in reaction to Rubenstein’s question. Instead of having the guts to answer such a tough question, the moral midget Kessler showed his low ethical stature by giving Rubenstein a look he described as “stupefied”, and then ordering “his goons”, as Rubenstein put it, to “keep this guy back.”

And that tells us everything we need to know about that creepy little coward.

Watch the defining exchange:

Featured image via Twitter.

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