This Incredibly Long Song About Pi Will Make You Laugh Yourself Silly, Then Break Your Brain

This Incredibly Long Song About Pi Will Make You Laugh Yourself Silly, Then Break Your Brain

What an interesing Pi day it’s been! Don’t know what Pi day is? Weren’t following #PiDay on Twitter? Were you watching #GOPWantsWar instead? Well, Pi Day is March 14th every year, (3.14, get it?) and it’s like an international holiday for nerds. Aww, did you miss out on the fun? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got the best of Pi Day right here!

So what is the best of Pi Day? Well, it could be the farmer that herded his cows into the shape of a Pi symbol, which of course hit Twitter as #CowPi… But no. As awesome as that is, this video from College Humor entitled, very accurately, “The Irrationally Long Number Pi Song,” is just about 14 minutes long, and in flagrant disregard for the ridiculous Blurred Lines ruling, parodies Warrant’s 80’s anthem “Cherry Pie.”

Wow, after watching that I might agree with the Blurred Lines verdict… Nah, we can’t have Weird Al sweatin’… But these folks are lucky there’s not a Warrant out for their arrest…

As you’ll see if you watch the whole video (or at least fast forward to near the end) the band just can’t stand it… In fact, even world reknown super smart guy Neil deGrasse Tyson, who was tweeting about Pi all day, got pretty fed up.

Now, naturally, the grey matter super-computer that pulsates inside Neil deGrasse Tyson’s head at an unspeakable number of flops per second knew that you’d all be wondering just how many digits there actually are in Pi before you can find all 10 base numerals, 0-9, in order. And he doesn’t disappoint…

He actually sensed our collective confusion, like there was a great disturbance in The Force, or something…

So, what do you think was the best thing about Pi Day this year? Scroll down and tell us below in the comments.

Featured image via Youtube.


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