Ivanka Trump Set To Be The Most Powerful First Lady In US History

Ivanka Trump Is Set To Be The Most Powerful First Lady In US History

Ivanka Trump’s influence is unprecedented

One interesting aspect about the role of the First Lady is that it is not defined in the United States Constitution, more than likely due to the fact that women were seen as inferior to men at the time of its drafting. As a result, it has often been up to each individual wife to expand the role as they see fit.

Since the beginning of the country, we have seen many prominent First Ladies carve a name out for themselves, including: Dolly Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and of course Michelle Obama. However, would anyone have expected Ivanka Trump to join those ranks?

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You may be thinking that it makes no sense for Trump’s daughter to be the First Lady given that she is not his wife (even though he would like it), but there are a couple of counterpoints to this preconception. One, as stated before, the First Lady is not a position defined in the Constitution nor in any of its subsequent amendments. Therefore, the First Lady could theoretically be any female member in the President’s family, and indeed that has been the case historically. Martha Jefferson Randolph (Jefferson’s daughter), Rose Cleveland (Grover Cleveland’s sister), and Harriet Lane (James Buchanan’s niece) among others have taken up this position despite not being the President’s spouse.

The second point is that Trump confirmed his current wife Melania will not be staying in the White House, instead residing in Trump Tower so that their son Barron can finish school. As a result, Ivanka, alongside her brothers Donald, Jr. and Eric, has been elevated to a more important status in the Trump Administration. According to “The Washington Post” she is even more influential than any of Trump’s Cabinet-picks given her advisory capacity, domestic policy knowledge, and intricate understanding of the Washington, D.C. bureaucracy,

In addition to this, Ivanka has reportedly met with many people on behalf of her father, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and climate activists Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore. Whether or not this type of diplomatic capacity will carry over into the White House remains to be seen, but it is clear that Ivanka has set herself up to arguably be the most powerful First Lady we have ever seen.

Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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