Stunning Report Deflates Trump's Overblown Jobs Promises

Stunning Report Deflates Trump’s Overblown Jobs Promises

Trump’s lies about american jobs have been exposed

Jobs were one of the largest selling points of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign. Not only did he promise to create jobs, but he also promised to bring back ones that had been lost courtesy of automation, outsourcing, and the Great Recession. It certainly helped that Trump was openly against the Transpacific Partnership, which would have expanded negative globalization tactics by corporations.

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Of course it was all nonsense, but technically nobody could prove his intents would turn south. Trump not only deserves credit for conning a good portion of the American People into believing him, but also getting them to champion his rhetoric.

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However, a year into his presidency, the facts are in and we now have the evidence to confirm what most citizens already knew: that he was a liar. Through a beautiful infographic posted on ProPublica, journalists Isaac Arnsdorf and Lena Groeger have explained just how far Trump’s figures have fallen from his promises.

To begin with, the would-be President made the claim that he would promote the hiring of around 2.4 million more workers courtesy of deals with companies like Amazon. Of those millions advocated, 206,000 have been created and only 63,000 of them can be correlated to the Trump Administration’s actions. That is to say, Trump has only succeeded in accomplishing 2.6 percent of what he said he would do. This, in spite of having both Houses of Congress, is inexcusable and embarrassing to say the least. Even if that 2.4 million was divided over the course of his theoretical first term, leaving a 600,000 job goal per a year, that would still mean the President only accomplished 10.5 percent of his projected numbers.

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But wait, there’s more. Readers may recall that we extensively reported on the deal he was making with the Carrier Corporation to prevent them from outsourcing. This saw $7 million worth of state grants and tax breaks from Indiana go towards preserving 1,100 jobs. Well that turned out to be a lie too as only 600 of those positions have remained, and of those literally half (300) were never at risk of being sent to Mexico.

There are several more prominent examples displayed in the graphic that readers can see for themselves, as well as the sources for the claims and statistics at the bottom of the page. It’s essentially like reading a Freakonomics excerpt on the Trump White House, and a lesson in having blind fate in someone who has failed severely as a businessman.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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