Vice President Pence 'Stands With Israel' By Tweeting Nicaraguan Flag, Hilarity Ensues (TWEETS)

Vice President Pence ‘Stands With Israel’ By Tweeting Nicaraguan Flag, Hilarity Ensues (TWEETS)

Mike Pence Tried To Show His Support For Israel And Failed Miserably

Once again, the Internet never forgets, and the latest victim of this truth is Republican Vice President Mike Pence. The VP gave a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition event held in GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson’s hotel last night. Before going on, his Twitter account wanted to show its support for the country of Israel by stating the United States stood with it and used emojis of the respective countries’ flags to do so. Just one problem: Team Pence Tweeted out the flag of Nicaragua instead of the flag of Israel.

The Tweets were eventually deleted, but not before journalists Bradd Jaffy and Jake Tapper caught the mistake. Jaffy nabbed screenshots of the two Tweets:

Tapper pointed out the problem as well:

As usual with these seemingly common mistakes by this new White House, Twitter was quick to pounce with the jokes. Here are some of the best from the Mike Pence flub.

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Featured image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images and Twitter.

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