Jimmy Fallon And Russell Crowe Sing Oil Spill Protest Song

Jimmy Fallon And Russell Crowe Celebrate Earth Day With ‘[Tar] Balls In Your Mouth’ Reprise (VIDEO)

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to find a new and hilarious way to celebrate Earth Day, which ironically falls the same week as another event: The anniversary of the April 20, 2010 Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gearing up for a reprise of his hilarious 2010 protest song, “Balls in Your Mouth” on the Tonight Show, Fallon got help from an unlikely source: That night’s special guest, Russell Crowe. And get your mind out of the gutter, for Pete’s sake. Fallon’s lyrics refer to balls of tar that might wind up in your mouth if you go swimming in the Gulf, not, erm, what ever you were thinking.

First, Fallon lamented how BP must not have heard his song properly, since those Deep Horizon “tar balls are still washing up on the shores.”

“Gosh darn it, those tar balls are still washing up on the shores…despite the fact that five years ago I wrote a protest song railing against that very thing. Apparently BP still didn’t get the message. Maybe it’s the song’s fault…Maybe I just let everyone down.”

He then strummed his guitar and launched into the first verse.

“The oil spill, by BP / Has left tar balls, all over the sea / So don’t go swimming, down in the south / Unless you want, tar balls in your mouth”

Crowe, of course, gamely responded with a well-placed double entendre.

“I think it’s great. I think it really gets to the heart of the matter. I think BP should come here and get on their knees right in front of you,”

Fallon then motioned towards a second guitar and invited Crowe to join in, which he did. Together, they sang the, erm, rousing chorus:

Balls in your mouth, balls in your mouth / Don’t swim in the ocean you’ll get balls in your mouth.

Here’s the video:

Also known as the BP oil spill (for the fossil fuel company that created it) , the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig remains the worst oil spill in history. An estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil gushed out from the ocean floor for 87 days until deep sea divers sealed the leak (though some say the oil rig is still leaking). Satellite images reveal the toxic effects of the spill spread across a 68,000 square mile area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Although Fallon’s and Crowe’s duet is fun to watch, oil spills are no laughing matter. Compared with other wealthy nations, the U.S. lags far behind in developing safer and less toxic sources of energy. This has a lot to do with what’s gone wrong with our nation’s political processes. Wealthy fossil fuel magnates like the Koch Brothers wield far too much power over public policy and disproportionate influence with lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels.

5 years of Jimmy Fallon singing “[Tar] Balls in your mouth.

This, of course, is not the first time Jimmy Fallon sang “[Tar] Balls in Your Mouth.” He first sang it in 2010 after the spill, and was caught on video warbling the ditty at the Ad Council’s annual gala event the following November. Fallon has also performed  “[Tar] Balls in Your Mouth” with Florence Welch, Eddie Vedder and Brad Paisley. If you’d like to watch all these different versions of the song to compare and contrast, we’ve posted the videos below.

July 2013: Watch Jimmy Fallon sing “[Tar] Balls In Your Mouth” with Brad Paisley.

Sept. 2012: Watch Jimmy Fallon sing “[Tar] Balls In Your Mouth” with Florence Welch.

July 2012: Watch Jimmy Fallon sing “[Tar] Balls In Your Mouth” with Eddie Vedder.

2010: Watch Jimmy Fallon sing “[Tar] Balls In Your Mouth” solo for an Ad Council gala.

Featured photo with Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon: Video screen grab/The Tonight Show.

Elisabeth Parker is a writer, web designer, mom, political junkie, and dilettante.

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