BREAKING: Assassin's Creed? Is Huge Rock Star Planning To Assassinate President Obama?

Assassin’s Creed? Is Huge Rock Star Planning To Assassinate President Obama?

The strange news you may have seen regarding Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, some weeks ago is just getting weirder. Stapp originally took to Facebook to upload videos where he lamented the loss of his wealth and advised those responsible would soon be dealt with. With talk of conspiracies by the banks, business managers, and authorities he had dealt with in trying to right this wrong, one could easily assume Stapp was becoming more and more mentally unhinged or suffering psychoses brought about by a prolonged drug binge. Of course, ruling one out in favor of the other is not a necessity. Addiction and mental health issues are not mutually exclusive and are, unfortunately, woefully under addressed in our nation’s healthcare system.

The newest wrinkle in the tragic saga finds the estranged wife and soon-to-be-former sister-in-law of the musician turned madman frantically calling 9-1-1, explaining to the operator that Stapp has left the house on a bicycle with a backpack filled with papers he printed off of the Internet, claiming he is an agent of the CIA. This might serve as further proof of his being mentally unbalanced as you will be hard pressed to find anyone who would claim to be CIA after the rough drubbing they have undergone this week.

Not only is Stapp a rogue, bicycle riding agent of the CIA, but his life is in danger and that is why he believes he must assassinate President Obama. If none of this makes sense, it is likely because you aren’t suffering from paranoid delusions that are strikingly akin to what an individual living with schizophrenia endures.

Another possibility in this very public family feud is that Stapp really is being made the fool by a manipulative soon-to-be ex-wife who isn’t simply happy with a traditional divorce proceeding and, instead, wants to inflict as much emotional and financial pain and embarrassment on a man far removed from his once stellar positioning of prominence on the pop charts. This would not be the first time a past-his-prime rocker was put through the wringer and taken for every dime he had.

It is true that this trending story is likely attracting an audience of open-mouthed celebrity watchers who couldn’t explain why they think the story is worth knowing other than experiencing a sense of schadenfreude that somehow makes their lives seem better in comparison to poor Scott Stapp’s. But a very public meltdown of a once famous individual should not be enjoyed as a pastime. If there is any value to a story such as this, let it be that we recognize the very real and very destructive effects of mental illness on the individual, the family, and society.

Only a few months ago, the world lost our sad clown, Robin Williams. Before that, it was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Both instances seemed as though they might have fostered a frank and open discussion on the state of treatment for those with mental health issues in this country. The brief light that was that conversation was soon extinguished in favor of lighter trivialities. This latest bizarre story, splashed across US! Magazine and TMZ, gives us yet another opportunity to witness and respond to the failings of our healthcare system for those living and suffering with mental illness.

Here’s the rocker’s wife’s 911 call:

Video: TMZ. Photo: Public domain image from

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