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Shocking Atrocities Lead to DOJ Probe of DEA’s War on Drugs

September 20, 2018

The DEA's War on Drugs has only created tragedies in Mexico.

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Reformed GOP Operative Turned Watchdog Issues Warning Over Kavanaugh | Reverb TV

September 16, 2018

Kavanaugh exhibited some disturbing behavior during his initial hearings.

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McCain’s Family Slams GOP for ‘Weaponizing’ Late Senator’s Image

September 13, 2018

John McCain died at odds with his own party. But you'd never know that from new attack ads that left his family steaming mad.

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It’s Time to Tell Trump “You’re Fired” – A Business Already Would Have

September 11, 2018

If this presidency was a business, the Board of Directors would've fired Trump long ago. It's time we consider it too.

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Scholar Warns About Kavanaugh: He is a Champion of Outdated, Deeply Conservative Judging

September 10, 2018

Make no mistake- Brett Kavanaugh is as bad as they come.

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Campaign Season is Revving Up, But Outdated & Rigged Rules Are a Problem

September 6, 2018

By John Rennie Short, University of Maryland, Baltimore County As we enter the traditional, post-Labor Day sprint in the campaign season, voters may want to consider how much their vote really counts. In the United States, the difference between the…

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Can the Democrats Win Back the House? These Analysts Think So | Reverb TV

September 4, 2018

The blue wave isn't guaranteed, but we have to work for it!

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Why it’s Hard to Crack Down on School Shootings – The Discrepancy in Data

September 4, 2018

The Department of Education is creating misleading data about gun shootings, but it's not entirely their fault.

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At Red State University, Teacher Learns A Lesson About America’s Divisions — And What Unifies Us

August 29, 2018

We can change the generations of conservatives in red states through education.

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Trump Lackeys Manafort & Cohen’s Crimes Reveal Glaring Holes in the Justice Department

August 26, 2018

How they got away with it for so long is the real story.

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