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Studies Conclude: Majority of Trump Voters Motivated By Racism—Not Just Economic Concerns

April 7, 2017

Trump voters are hypocrites A recent study published by American National Election Studies (ANES) confirms what many of us already suspected: That most voters who supported Trump weren’t doing so because of his economic policies. They were doing it because…

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REPORT: Donald Trump Damaging U.S. Position on World Stage, Say Majority of Voters

April 4, 2017

Poll demonstrates voter’s concern over U.S. global role A recent poll conducted by McClarthy-Marist indicates a growing concern among voters for the United States’ position in the global arena. Between March 22nd and the 27th, 1,062 randomly selected voters were questioned…

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Latest Round of Polling is Bad News for Trump, Paul Ryan—Good News for Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden

April 3, 2017

PPP: Trump, Ryan Losing Battle To Control Healthcare Narrative The latest round of polling also contained some good news for former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. The latest round of Public Policy Polling is bad news for President Trump,…

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Don’t Destroy The Electoral College – Fix It

November 10, 2016

Electoral College Did It Again For those who stayed up late on election night back in 2000, the memory still adheres to us to this day. A candidate with more popular votes lost to a candidate due to the Electoral…

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Could Trump Ban Muslims? Thanks To This 1940’s Law, Yes He Can

October 17, 2016

Smith Act To Muslim Bans — Trump’s Most Dangerous Idea. Current topics lately are centered around Trump’s misogynistic comments from years past. But as horrifying as they are, they remain pale compared to what he has uttered on the campaign…

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Thanks Obama: Study Shows White Republicans Blame Black President For Their Own Bigotry

June 28, 2016

Study Shows What Americans Think About Our Racial Divide…And Who Republicans Blame A study released on last June by the Pew Research Center offers keen — and often disheartening — insight into how Americans perceive race across the country in 2016,…

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The #1 Thing Driving People To Polls? Their Hatred For Trump and Clinton

May 6, 2016

Hatred For Trump and Clinton Is The Main Thing Getting Out The Vote This November, Poll Finds When you were in grade school, a teacher most likely told you that voting was an honorable and noble civic duty, and that…

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Here’s Why Major Political Polls Don’t Mean Jack Squat

March 28, 2016

Missing: Polls If you visit polling sites, such as Real Clear Politics, the numbers show a one-sided game for several states. However, if you actually were to check on the figures behind those polls, you’ll find that they are sorely…

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New Data Shows Young Voters Should Scare The Crap Out Of The GOP

February 26, 2016

New Polling Data Shows Young Voters Yearn For A More Progressive America The GOP tends to be wrong about a great many things, but at least, their name — The Grand Ole’ Party — is on the money. According to…

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