Now It's A Pattern: Trump Lies Yet Again About New Batch Of 'Saved' Jobs

Now It’s A Pattern: Trump Lies Yet Again About New Batch Of ‘Saved’ Jobs

In less than three weeks, Donald Trump will be crowned President of the United States, and progressives in this country will have to do everything in their power to ensure that none of his plans go past the idea stage.

Before that happens though, we have another obligation, and that is to ruin his credibility among the Rust Belt voter base that elected him in the first place. These are people who were not racist or bigoted, but supported Trump because he promised to stop the free trade outsourcing that had resulted in their workplaces getting shipped over to third-world countries. Without them, he will lose the 2020 reelection, should he choose to run again.

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One of Trump’s biggest talking points during the general election was that he shared Senator Bernie Sanders’s views on trade, yet in the days since winning the presidency, he has gone back on many promises, from filling up his Cabinet with Wall Street crooks to outright lying about things he said. The latter has manifested itself in taking credit for preventing outsourced jobs that did not have his involvement at all.

The first of these was the Carrier Corporation, where Trump not only fed the company millions of taxpayer dollars, but also lied about the number of jobs that were being saved. The second instance regarded Sprint, where it (unsurprisingly) turned out that he did not bring back the 5,000 jobs that he claimed to have in an interview.

You would think that the third time would be the charm, but that is far from the case. This time, Trump took credit for the automobile giant Ford deciding to cancel the creation of a Mexican plant and instead invest $700 million in Michigan production. While the company’s CEO continues to suck up to Trump, it turns out that Ford is suffering declining sales for its Fusion sedan model which is manufactured in Mexico. As a result, the company has no reason to continue investing in a region that is giving diminishing returns.

Within a two-month time span, Trump has failed at concocting a success story that boasts his name. This is the kind of journalism that needs to continue the second Trump is inaugurated, because silence is the GOP’s best method at destroying the country. As was seen with their attempt at gutting congressional ethics, which they reversed as soon as the media cast a bright light on their subterfuge.

Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

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