Priest Blasts Trump Immigration Moves With Biblical Tweetstorm

Priest Blasts Trump Immigration Moves With Biblical Tweetstorm

Jesuit Priest Issues Call Against Trump Border Wall And Refusing Refugees

As the White House announced Donald Trump would be taking action to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and seek to block refugees from certain countries, one priest took to Twitter to show just how un-Christ-like the actions are. Jesuit priest James Martin needed just a handful of Tweets to properly denounce the latest actions on immigration and those seeking refuge from war-torn areas.

Martin, editor-at-large at America, used quotes from both the Bible and prominent figures from the church to counter the xenophobia of Trump’s policies. When the news initially broke, he noted:

Martin additionally pointed to the words of Pope Francis and former pope, St. John Paul II.

And, as we should be reminded, a big part of taking in refugees is giving children a chance to change the circumstances of their lives, which they had no control over, for the better.

While some issues like abortion may divide progressives and the devoutly religious, the border wall and taking in refugees are clearly areas of agreement. And it’s very possible a little cooperation could go a long way in battling these changes.

Polls have shown varying results on allowing refugees in the United States, but the consensus against the border wall has been rather clear. And James Martin believes a call to cohesive action could send a message that might stop the richest country in the world from turning its back on the oppressed and needy. After the long string of Tweets, Martin posted a video to Facebook asking for exactly that.

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