Pathological Liar Donald Trump Planning to Ask for Nation's Trust

Pathological Liar Donald Trump Planning to Ask for Nation’s Trust

In his first prime time address to the nation, President Pinocchio plans to ask Americans for their trust regarding his plans for Afghanistan.

trust must be earned

Speculation among DC insiders indicates that Trump will increase United States troops in Afghanistan, and will announce his decision during his address to the nation. Trump disparaged the Afghanistan government in the past, tweeting that they “had no appreciation” for American efforts. Trump urged the Obama administration to withdraw from Afghanistan and place focus on rebuilding America. Trump will also address plans regarding North Korea.

Trump’s presidential campaign consisted of a theater of the grotesque. Donald Trump blustered his way through garish campaign rallies, assuring slavering supporters that their fondest bigoted dreams would become realities if he were to be elected. Visions of impenetrable border walls and liberal “snowflakes” reduced to trembling tears danced through the heads of rally attendees. Trump promised the return of jobs in the coal industry and the prosecution of that conservative nemesis, Hillary Clinton. Tough penalties for United States manufacturers who shipped American jobs overseas would assure the return of thousands of American jobs in the steel industry. Muslims, Mexicans, and other “bad hombres” would be deported immediately and banned from entry into the United States. America would become sick of winning. Trump himself would be flooded with phone calls pleading for the winning to stop.

Each breath he exhales becomes another lie

Trump righteously expounded from his bully pulpit, declaring that he had no Russian connections whatsoever. He announced that he would release his tax returns upon winning the election. Utilizing information gleaned from far right-wing publications and rabid conspiracy theorists, he conflated statistics regarding crimes committed by illegal aliens and continued to cast aspersions on the characters of his opponents. Trump asserted that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and clung to the tried but true birther conspiracy.

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Trump has carried his prevarication into the White House. Each breath he exhales contains another lie. The swamp he promised to drain has become a sewer carrying the toxic waste of his delusional march to power. The mythical King Midas turned everything he touched to gold; King Trump turns everything he touches into a foul sludge. Tin-pot Trump tweets three a.m. insults in temper fits similar to a spoiled brat king. He has carelessly rattled sabers with the unstable dictator of North Korea, threatening the use of nuclear force. Politifact ranks Donald Trump’s statements at a measly 5% true, while analysis of his false statements indicates a whopping 33%. Astoundingly, their “Pants on Fire” category indicates 16%. Now the Tangerine Terror plans on asking a bludgeoned nation for their “trust”.

the whims of this mad ruler dictate the futures of American troops

The tragedy of this twisted tale is found beating in the hearts of the members of our armed services. The whims of this mad ruler dictate the lives and deaths of our troops. As Commander-in-Chief, Trump holds in his tiny hands the futures of thousands of American servicemen and women. The enormity of responsibility escapes this Prince of Prevaricators. We, dear readers, are the battered and bruised spouse of a tyrannical toddler prince. The American public has been slammed with so many lies and ridiculous tweets that we stumble, bemused by the bull. We are in desperate need of a crisis intervention.

But hold on tight. A prime time demand for our “trust” after a brutal two-year saga of lies is headed our way. The only question remaining is this; will we gather our collective strength and resist this latest onslaught of abuse and lies, or will we capitulate to the blandishments of our Prevaricating Prince?

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Hannah Hochstetler is currently chasing a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy. She has had work published in the literary magazines, “Meat for Tea: The Valley Review”, “The Carillon”, and “Exposed”. Hannah is a passionate progressive, trapped in the middle of a red state!