DNC: It's Our Party & We'll Lie if We Want To — Warren Slams Party as Fiscally Out of Touch

DNC: It’s Our Party & We’ll Lie if We Want To — Warren Slams Party as Fiscally Out of Touch

Earlier this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) interview with The Guardian went over the wire. During the interview, Warren gave a measured critique of the economic policy of both sitting parties in Congress. Despite the economy in January of this year being 11.5% bigger than it was before the 2007-2008 crash, Warren opines:

I think President Obama, like many others in both parties, talk about a set of big national statistics that look shiny and great but increasingly have giant blind spots, that GDP, unemployment, no longer reflect the lived experiences of most Americans. And the lived experiences of most Americans is that they are being left behind in this economy. Worse than being left behind, they’re getting kicked in the teeth.

With many Americans still suffering in the economy, does the DNC fraud case paint a picture of the Democratic Party being out of touch with their natural base?

DNC Fraud Hearings

Warren’s criticism seems poignant after the transcripts from last week’s hearing in Wilding, et. al. v. DNC Services, d/b/a DNC and Deborah “Debbie” Wasserman Schultz, which saw the Democratic Party state they have no obligation to run primaries in a fair or impartial manner.

Mr. Jared Beck, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, had the following to say in response to the partiality of the primary electoral process:

Well, your Honor, I’m shocked to hear that we can’t define what it means to be evenhanded and impartial. If that were the case, we couldn’t have courts. I mean, that’s what courts do every day, is decide disputes in an evenhanded and impartial manner

So, to me, it’s not a difficult question at all what it means to be evenhanded and impartial. It doesn’t mean having to wade into a political dispute about how the party conducts its affairs, because that’s what the party represented in its charter, that’s what the party represented over and over again in the media, that’s, frankly, what I think is at the bedrock of what it means to live in a democratic society.

I think that’s why the Democratic National Committee has it in its charter, because if you don’t have the organization that is responsible for organizing in this very large sense the nominating process for president, which entails multiple elections in every state of the union, if you’re not evenhanded and impartial, then you don’t have a democratic process. I think it’s that simple.

And I think what it means is the Democratic National Committee should not be putting any resources into one candidate at the expense of another.

I think it means that it should not be assisting the media in crafting narratives that hurt one candidate at the expense of another.

Mr. Spiva, a lawyer for the Democratic National Committee, gave this alarming comment in repose to Beck:

Thank you, your Honor. First, I just want to say — because in response to my hypothetical that the party could choose its nominees in a smoke-filled room, I want to just reiterate that the party ran the process fair and impartially, and does not do that and doesn’t plan to do that. But these, again, are political choices that either party is free to make and are not enforceable in a court of law.
At the end of the proceedings, U.S. Federal Judge Zloch had these telling remarks, which could be indicative of his future ruling:
Alright. Thank you very much. Well, I want to thank counsel for your responses to the Court’s questions. They’ve been very helpful. This is a very interesting case, to say the least. And counsel for the plaintiffs spoke about whether or not our society — these are the Court’s words, not his words, he did not use the word “society” — but whether society is in a dire situation. And so I leave the lawyers with this. Democracy demands the truth so people can make intelligent decisions.


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