BREAKING: New Poll Reveals TERRIBLE News for Trump

BREAKING: New Poll Reveals TERRIBLE News for Trump

Gallup Poll Lays a Stinky Easter Egg on Trump

As Donald Trump presided over the White House Easter egg roll, the Gallup polling agency laid an egg on the White House lawn with no chocolate in it. The poll released Monday is a broadside of terrible news for Trump as he fast approaches his 100th day in office, and the scathing criticism likely to accompany it.

Gallup tested 6 dimensions of how the public judges a leader, and on all 6, Donald has declined precipitously from February 1-5 to April 5-9. The most remarkable change was the decline in Americans who believe Trump “keeps his promises.” That score fell from 62% to 45%, a whopping plummet of 17%.

Diving deeper into that score reveals even more bad news. Among women, the number who believe Trump “keeps his promises” fell from 65% to 40%. That is an enormous change when you consider that it represents a decline from a major strength to a weakness. While one wonders why almost 2/3rds of women believed him in the first place, maybe Donald’s next divorce will be from all American women.

Among Democrats, the number who believed Trump “keeps his promises” fell from 37% to 16%. That drop is significant, because it could stiffen some Democrats’ spines in Congress.

Among Republicans, the score fell from 92% to 81%. A clear majority of Republicans still give Trump the benefit of the doubt. But political advisers must be watching that number and nervously biting their nails. It is awfully early in Trump’s presidency for support in his base to start ebbing that quickly. If that trend were to continue apace heading into 2018, Republicans could have major drama in their primary races, or even an open rift between Congress and the White House.

The other 5 metrics also saw big drops in faith from the public, though Gallup didn’t dissect them in as much detail, because they’re smaller swings. The other measure that fell from a majority to a minority was people who believe Trump “Can bring about changes this country needs,” which declined from 53% to 46%, a 7% drop. Trump ran on a platform of shaking up Washington in a major way. If the public no longer believes he can do that after only 3 months, it’s not clear what basis he would have for even a highly contested mandate.

On the measure Trump “is a strong and decisive leader,” the public’s faith declined from 59% to 52%. That 52% was the only majority positive opinion still standing from Gallup’s February poll. Despite barely retaining the edge on that measure, the trend could become a liability for Donald, since his loyalists see him as a strongman. This also puts him in George W. Bush territory. Bush’s first term governing philosophy was that he followed his “gut.” Republican voters liked that about him, until Americans started dying in misbegotten wars and horrifically mismanaged hurricanes because of it. Although high level staffing changes in his second term pushed the Bush administration in a somewhat more rational direction, by 2006, when Democrats swept into Congress, the public was sick of that kind of governing style. Trump could be headed toward a similar reckoning, and even more quickly than Bush.

On the measure Trump “is honest and trustworthy,” the public’s approval dropped from 42% to 36%. That score is starting to bottom out, since the mid 60% range answering “no” to that statement has to include a significant number of Republicans. It seems to indicate that he’s slowly losing his war against the free press.

People who believe that Trump “Cares about the needs of people like you” fell from 46% to 42%; while people who believe Trump “Can manage the government effectively” fell from 44% to 41%. Gallup described these smaller changes as “not statistically significant.”

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