Sources Reveal What James Comey Will Tell Congress

Sources Reveal What James Comey Will Tell Congress

Bertrand: Here’s What James Comey Will Tell Congress

The following is a video transcript. Some material has been edited for clarity.

Begin Transcript: Hi this is Timothy Bertrand with Reverb Press. Ex-FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify before Congress, but only if the hearings are public. And now close associates of Comey have given ABC News a little preview of what the former FBI Director might talk about.

Now to begin with, Comey’s associates said that he is not seeking publicity and the reason he wants to do this publicly is so everything is on the record.

Now because Comey was working on a classified investigation into alleged election tampering from the Russians, we can’t really expect to hear him talk much about the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russians, which is really what everyone wants to hear. What we can expect him to talk about is President Trump himself, and his relationship with the President — which was, according to his associates, apparently rather tense.

Comey was particularly bothered by a dinner with the President in January, you’ve probably heard about it by now, the President asked Comey to basically swear loyalty to him. Which is not something presidents typically ask of FBI directors, especially not when they themselves might be under investigation for potential election fraud.

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A more contentious aspect of the story is President Trump’s letter to James Comey informing him that he was fired — and you may have heard me speak about it before — there’s a paragraph in that letter, the second paragraph, where Trump insists that Comey told him he was not personally under investigation on three separate occasions. Comey’s associates apparently take issue with that statement, saying that it’s unlikely Comey would have spoken with the President about the investigation at all — he only did that with top Justice Department officials.

And finally Comey’s associates praised him for his work as the FBI director, which is in contrast with the White House’s narrative that the FBI director was deeply unpopular. They added that he’s doing fine after the unexpected firing, and that he’s concerned about several initiatives and investigations going on at the FBI, but he is confident that other FBI personnel will be able to pick up the slack. This has been Timothy Bertrand with Reverb Press.

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