Despite Trump's own bragging, WH officially says all his sexual harassment accusers are liars

Despite Trump’s own bragging, WH officially says all his sexual harassment accusers are liars

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders States ‘Official’ White House Position On Donald Trump Accusers

In the past two years, we have witnessed a number of very powerful men taken down by numerous accusations of sexual harassment or assault. We’ve seen the late Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly lose their positions at Fox News. More recently, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and political megastar Mark Halperin lost their jobs after many women came forward accusing both of lewd and abusive acts.

But one man has withstood multiple accusations and even triumphed after many came to light. Republican Donald Trump made his way to the White House even after audio of him bragging about sexually assaulting women came to light.

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Which has brought us to the odd reality of the administration having to take an “official” position on the president’s accusers. And that’s what happened at today’s White House press briefing.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about the accusers during the daily session with reporters. The exchange was brief. When asked directly, “Is the official White House position that all of these women are lying?” Sanders replied:

Yeah. We’ve been clear on that from the beginning and the president’s spoken on it.

Sanders immediately moved on to the next question, while a noticeable eyebrow is raised by the reporter, Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg.

Along with the many accusations against Donald Trump, he has also been recorded essentially admitting a number of disgusting acts. He stated he doesn’t “even wait” and he “can do anything” to women because he’s a star on the infamous Access Hollywood tape released a year ago this month.

He was also accused of walking in on beauty pageant contestants as young as 14-years old and admitted to the behavior in an interview with Howard Stern.

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As one might expect, people on Twitter were not amused by the statement.

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Like Donald Trump, many of the men who have fallen were extremely powerful, and they were able to carry out their abuse because women were afraid of the consequences of speaking up. Part of that fear is the fact many will not believe them and they may be accused of being liars in the media.

Unfortunately, in the case of the women accusing Trump of wrongdoing, it’s not the media that called them liars today. It’s the main house of the government that is supposed to represent their interests.

Just another sad and disgusting day of the Donald Trump administration.

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